On Sunday the sun shone. Almost all day in fact. I know, I was as shocked as you are! We decided to have a family day out to Arundel, and stopped for a drink by the (overflowing) river Arun. I had a chance to wear my new sunglasses from London Retro, which had been sat in my bag waiting for their first outing for almost a week because there was just no sun. I chose the Eliza frames as non-prescription sunglasses (luckily for me I no longer have to wear glasses as they couldn’t do anything to correct my weird vision problems and wearing glasses caused me more headaches!)

IMG_3042 IMG_3053
The Eliza frames are a retro looking (well, obviously) cats eye shape and are tortoiseshell, and are the perfect replacement for the pair that I dropped and then trod on getting out of the car last summer. What I love about them is that the frame isn’t so huge that it impedes my vision when i’m driving but still has such a classic shape! Athena is clearly a fan too as she keeps removing them from my face.

IMG_2975 IMG_2980


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