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A little while ago I wrote this post about family dining inspiration, and since then although we’ve not moved yet Habitat sent us the kids table and chairs that I featured, along with a fantastic storage chest and they’ve made a world of difference already, plus they will be perfect in the playroom when we finally move!

habitat furniture

habitat furniture

The storage chest is a sturdy white laquered wood, with bright yellow feet, its from the ‘Dot’ range of children’s furniture and a lot of it is actually reduced in their sale at the moment! I love that it has a gas-sprung arm inside to stop it from banging down on little fingers, something vital if it is going in a playroom. It’s strong enough to be sat on too, and is the perfect height for Arlo to pull himself up on! It came in really handy at Christmas for putting all the kids presents in and keeping things sort of tidy until I had a bit of a clear out of unused toys! Athena also likes to use it as a prime TV watching spot, blanket pillow and all! It came flat packed, by the way!

habitat furniture
The table and chairs (from the Darla range) are a very popular addition to our home for Athena already! When she goes to bed I store them under her mid-sleeper bed overnight and when she gets up in the morning she’ll bring a chair through with her and then get the table when it’s breakfast time! I think she feels really grown up sitting at her own table for breakfast, and it is perfect for me as its wipe clean! What you can’t see is that one side of the table is covered in Athena’s ‘under the sea’ stickers, and I’ve easily cleaned both paint and playdoh off it already this week!

habitat furniture

As well as a breakfast table for Athena, it’s a perfect table for drawing, puzzles, sticking, stacking and reading! Arlo is even able to join her now he’s less likely to fall off his chair! The chairs stack too which makes life easier, and if we ever need another table then I’ll get the same one as they stack for space saving too! Available in a range of colours I chose orange and red, as I love bright primary-ish colours, and plan to have as much colour as possible in the playroom once we’ve got it all set up! I admire all these arty black and white homes that seem to be so popular now but I certainly couldn’t do it in my own home!

I just want to get into the new place now and get a playroom sorted so everything will have its place! I spoke to the conveyancing people today and she said ‘I have a lot of paperwork to do’, well get on with then please!

The items in this post were provided in exchange for this feature, all words and opinions are my own.


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