Hampers for Father’s Day

Everyone loves a hamper, right? I know I do! Part of the excitement is another wicker basket to hide bits in (seriously, my whole attic is pretty much organised into hampers plus they’re great for ‘wrapping’ unusually shaped gifts!) but of course the contents are usually pretty exciting too! Lucky Sam will be getting a Father’s Day Hamper  and although he won’t get it until the 17th I’ve taken some pictures to share what’s inside…

There were so many different hampers to choose from, but I decided to steer away from the alcoholic ones as we don’t drink very much these days and pick a hamper with a real variety of items inside. The Luxury Alcohol Free Basket has two Bundaberg soft drinks, plus a selection of sweet and savoury treats perfect for an evening in with friends, or to keep all to himself (though I hope he shares with me!)

Each item sounds divine, the Belgian Choc Thins and the Sesame Peanuts will go down really well, plus the toffee will be a real hit, although these seem to have replaced some mints from the advertised contents online.

If you’d rather not go for a traditional hamper then you could choose the ‘Bluebirds Revenge Beer Hamper’ which has both beer AND shave balm amongst other things! Or maybe a hamper full of sweets and chocolate, there are so many choices!

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