Interior Tips for getting more sleep out of your Bedroom

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Don’t lose sleep over a badly designed bedroom. Here are just a few décor tricks that could help to improve your sleep quality.

Choose the right bed

A comfortable bed is essential. The size can play a major part – if you’re tall, you may want to consider extra large beds and mattresses so that you don’t feel your feet are sticking out the end. The material of your bedding is also important to consider. Silk sheets can be better for people that easily get hot in the night as they’re able to stay cool longer than cotton sheets. When it comes to mattresses, some people may prefer a firm spring mattress, whilst others may prefer a soft memory foam mattress. Take time to find the right bed and bedding for you.

Buy blackout curtains

If you find yourself waking up too early in the morning, it could be the sunlight that’s waking you up (though possibly your kids if you have them!) Blackout blinds can help to preserve darkness needed to help produce the sleep hormone melatonin. This could help you to lie in on the weekends and get the sleep you need.  

Use calming colours

The right colour scheme could also help you to relax. Blue is a naturally calming colour that is perfect for the bedroom. Greys and greens are similarly calming. You may want to think twice about decorating your bedroom red however as this is a naturally energising colour. Reddish hues are often better suited to kitchens and living rooms where you generally want to be more awake!

Use sleep-inducing scents

There are various scents that you can use to also help you sleep. Lavender is the most renowned example – this aroma can help to relax muscles and relieve stress and has a lot of scientific support behind it. Other sleep-inducing scents to try out include bergamot, sandalwood and chamomile. I use a plug in diffuser to help spread the scent around as I fall asleep.

Add some houseplants

Scientific research also shows that having plants in your bedroom can help you to sleep. This is because plants help to naturally improve air quality, providing a fresh source of oxygen and often absorbing toxins and moisture in the air. Certain plants can be more effective such as aloe vera, jasmine and lavender.

Cut down on clutter

Too much clutter in your bedroom could also be affecting your sleep quality more than you realize. Clutter is naturally distracting and could be causing you to feel stressed. Furthermore, it makes your room harder to clean and can put you at risk of developing a bedbug infestation which can be a horror to live with, let alone remove (see for more information). So try to keep clutter under control by storing items away that aren’t in use and don’t leave them piled on the floor. Rather than leaving all your toiletries, makeup and jewellery out on a dresser, keep it in a drawer or a box. There may well be items that you can get rid of in your bedroom to free up room if all your drawers and wardrobes are full of unnecessary ‘stuff’

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