Hills, tonsils, bloggers & stairs

This week has been a proper mixed bag. Sam finished at the job with the shitty shifts and started at a new job, only to be told they are training him to go and manage a different hotel asap.  This is good because it is more money but bad because it is further away and not as easily accessible via public transport. This is important because my beloved old banger finally gave up the ghost this week and started to leak brake fluid all over the place which we only discovered after the brakes cut out at a roundabout. Also we need a car to get to/around on our holiday next week to the Peak District. Finding a car at short notice that we can afford is proving impossible.  Renting a car will cost over the price we have already paid for the holiday home so is our last resort… as I’d rather put the money towards a new car! The fact that we don’t actually have any spare money for a car is also a worry. I am constantly tense at the moment and have to consciously unclench my jaw/frown/bum muscles quite a lot. Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets a tight bum when stressed…? I am aren’t I?
I also have tonsillitis again which means that I missed Sophie’s birthday celebrations and am currently missing spending the day with some lovely blogging ladies who are visiting Brighton today. On the plus side Athena and I napped from 8.30 till 11.15 in bed which was well needed as Sam is at work today so I am on my todd with the baby and my swollen tonsils (and some ice cream!)
But hey, there were some good times had this week too, a BritMums meet up on Wednesday where I got to meet people in person who I’d been chatting to online, which was at the cafe in The Dome and is very buggy friendly! After than Sam and I had a very posh lunch at his old work, where we discovered giving steak to babies keeps them really quiet for ages!

20140319_160450 20140319_163144

I also went to a Trevor Sorbie evening where we got to find out about the new trends in style & colour and also a good catch up with the beauty blogging bunch too! Oh, and I had my hair braided. I’ve not yet tried to recreate it at home but have been told it’s perfect for 2/3 day old hair so perhaps I’ll stop washing to every other day and try and prolong it with this style. Less for Athena to grab too!

On Friday Anna and I took our babies on an hour and a half trek up to Cissbury Ring. The views were amazing but I wish I had taken my proper camera with me as these photos don’t really do it justice! After climbing up the hill, getting blown about a bit and then attempting not to fall arse-over-tit on the way back down we treated ourselves to a pub lunch, I think we earned it!

Athena has also been hitting milestones like there is no tomorrow! Anything that is stressing me out is instantly made less of a problem when she does something new as it takes me mind off it so quickly! This week she has taken her first steps clinging onto the back of her walker, and climbed the communal stairs in our building. We live in a flat so she’s never met stairs face to face before but one day she climbed 4 on her own, and yesterday she managed all 16! It was slow work but Sam was there to watch too which was lovely!
20140317_150658 20140319_195808 20140322_170446_Richtone(HDR)
So, that’s a rather long winded update from me, what are all of YOU up to?

10 thoughts on “Hills, tonsils, bloggers & stairs

  1. We’ve had car problems at Christmas and very pricey repair which was not welcome when you you’re already struggling with maternity rubbish pay. Looks like you had some fun to make up for being sick., I too have swollen tonsils and so Arne and Ellis have gone for a day out with the MIL (who is visiting) and I am having a much needed rest (internet surf!) The hairstyle looks cool too!

  2. mixed news on Sam’s job front then. Hope you manage to find a solution to your car troubles, I hate how inconvenient they can be – letting you down at critical moments.
    Do enjoy your break to the Lakes and unclench that bum (it is just you!) x

  3. Great update!! Love your updates 🙂 Your hair looks fab, great pic! Bummer about the car, I don’t have any suggestions 🙁 Cars cost a fortune and break suddenly, hate them! But they’re pretty much a necessity.
    Athena is growing so fast! Where does the time go?! x

  4. So sorry to hear about the broken car/new job combination – it sounds really stressful! I really hope that you can find something soon, and that you get to go on your holiday. You’re going to have buns of steel when it’s over though!! I really hope you feel better soon too.

    Go Athena with the stairs! She’s such a little explorer xxx

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