Arlo’s Dream Horse with Petplan Equine

I spent most of my primary school summer holidays (and Easter and Christmas!) riding ponies, and I loved it! My dad had a small farm in Wales and we had two ponies, Misty and Frosty, but I also spent a lot of time at the local riding stables helping out, going on hacks on the mountains and helping out on the farm. It saddens me a bit now that I can only remember the name of two of the horses, Magic who was a smaller pony (who I am jumping on in the photo below) and Oliver who was an ex-police horse, and had feet the size of dinner plates!

Sadly the cost of keeping a horse was way too expensive for us on the south coast, so I’ve not ridden in years and years but for some reason both my kids love horses and shout about them whenever we see them when we’re out driving. I would love to get them riding, but I think it would only ever be feasible if we somehow found ourselves owning land to keep a horse at home – I’m not really one for getting up and going down the field early, so they’d have to be close by! Horses are also more expensive to buy, feed and keep in good health, but Horse Insurance from Petplan would be a must, as the last thing I’d want is to be stung with a whopper of a vets bill and they offer a ‘covered for life’ policy which is rare to find.



Petplan offered to send Arlo a little horse of his own, so he and I sat down with some crayons, and he dictated to me exactly what he wanted: “batman horse” basically – with an eye mask, wings to fly with, a blue mane and tail and a smiley face. Plus of course it had to be purple, his current favourite colour! We sent off the drawing (at the same time as sending off Athena’s imaginary pet which you can see here) and it’s safe to say Arlo has a new cuddly at the head of his bed!

Batman Horse is now the main character in most of the kids bedtime stories, this week alone he’s visited a farm, made some new friends at preschool and flown to the moon! Arlo loves him and thinks it’s the best thing ever that something we drew together turned into a stuffed toy!

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