What’s in My hospital bag for a caesarean section

This is my second C-section so I have more of an idea of what to expect this time round, and to be honest there are only a few extra additions because I am having a C Section rather than a vaginal birth.


The caesarean section essentials:

  • High rise cotton knickers & over the bump leggings for going home in. You don’t want anything rubbing on your scar, so last time I bought 2 multi packs of granny pants from Primark in an extra big size, in black. Thankfully I didn’t chuck them out so I am re using this time!
  • Arnica Tablets to help reduce swelling, though I’ve read that you should start taking these a couple of days before the birth and for around 10 days after. No idea if it helped me last time or not as I had nothing to compare it to but if it helps then you’ve nothing to lose, they’re not very pricey.
  • A Small Pillow or cushion, to hold over scar when laughing/coughing/in the car on the way home to protect from bumps
  • Something to read/do/watch whilst you wait. I was lucky with Athena that we were first on the surgery list but that was only because we had been sent home due to emergencies on our original date! I’ll have my kindle with me this time!
  • Feminine/Baby wipes as you’ll be bed bound till the next morning probably (if you’re lucky they will take your catheter out around midnight so you can stretch your legs but wipes will help you to feel a bit fresher before you can have a shower


The other essentials:

  • Maternity Pads, Nursing pads, & Nipple cream
  • Nursing PJs & Nightie (I was sick all over myself after my last section due, so I am going to take 4 sets just in case!) & Nursing bras. I’m taking one sized one and then a super stretchy one in case I am still in hospital on the day my milk properly comes in (day 3 last time)
  • Hair brush, lip balm, Phone Charger, Kindle, Wash Kit & face wipes
  • Cereal Bars, squash & a bottle with a sports lid for easy drinking, nobody wants to spill anything on their new baby (or bed!)
  • A bit of make up & small mirror for making myself look slightly more with it in any photos!
  • Camera with charged batteries and empty memory card
  • A comfy dress to sling on over the afore mentioned leggings for going home in (though to be honest I expect I’ll just wear what I arrived at the hospital in)
  • Plastic bags for Sam to take dirty clothes home to wash in (both mine and the baby’s!) so there is less to carry when you get discharged

The photo above was from my first bag packing session, It’s been re packed a couple of times since, and still needs the nursing PJs from this post putting in, and I’ll have the snacks/drinks and little cushion in a separate bag.

Am I missing anything? Hopefully not or I’ll need a bigger bag!



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