Pregnancy: 37 weeks with baby number two


36 Weeks

The end is in sight, thankfully! Much as I don’t want this baby to arrive before he is fully ready and done growing I actually would be happy if we could just fast forward the next couple of weeks! I am so over not sleeping and having no energy. The bump is gigantic, my waddle is pronounced and my hips and lower back are killing me and clicking louder than an old lady at her disobedient dog. However I have a C-section date so the countdown is on, I’m not sharing it though in case it gets moved as it did with Athena!

In week 36 we had a bit of a worrying time with a doctor detecting a lowered heart rate, resulting in a couple of monitoring sessions. Eventually they decided that everything was okay and baby bump was wriggling around as he should too.

I had a MW appointment at 36+6 too, she said the head is engaged and bump was measuring 36 weeks so all good there too. Β All my blood/urine tests were normal which was a relief after having traces of protein and white blood cells detected last week. She asked if I wanted another appointment before the birth but I said I couldn’t really see the point so we agreed to not bother!

I’m still getting up to pee at least twice during the night, then of course my brain kicks in and I start thinking about things I still need to do and end up not going back to sleep for a little while, then aching in the hip area. My midwife said it sounded like I have developed SPD but there isn’t much I can do about it now anyway so I am grinning and bearing it! (That’s a lie, I am not grinning, more like grimacing)

37 weeks pregnant

Oh, also the stretch marks that appeared around week 38 with Athena and then faded are starting to darken, not drastically so but they’re definitely more noticeable! Oh, and a couple on my hips too which I am blaming on all the biscuits and Ben n Jerrys. Ce la vie! Sam has been trying to teach Athena to call me ‘Hippo’ but thankfully she’s not playing ball!

We’ve almost finished the big task of getting my endless to-do lists done so now we have:

  • A co sleeper ready to go (currently my hospital bags are sat in it!)
  • All the cloth nappies washed and ready to use
  • The car seat is sat on its isofix base ready and waiting for a baby to put in it
  • A new pram arriving for bump next week (watch this space, I am SUPER excited about it)
  • Baby clothes are ready and waiting (although we need to swap a book shelf for a chest of drawers for him at some point, as Athena has too many clothes to share her drawers!)
  • A swing-seat and play mat ready to be un-boxed and put to good use
  • A few new toys for Athena for when the baby arrives (including a hideously pink doll and an Upsy Daisy that talks (good grief) to keep her busy and a little bit distracted if needs be

So, this will probably be my last pregnancy update, unless something untoward happens between now and when we expect baby to arrive!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 37 weeks with baby number two

  1. AARGH! I can’t believe this is the last update! How exciting!!!!!

    I feel you with all of this….the hip pain and the waking in the night for a wee and having the worlds biggest think-a-thon in particular (3 times last night, and each time I sat there for at least 20 minutes going through mental checklists…).

    Sounds like you’re really organised now!!! What kind of co-sleeper are you using? And I cant wait to see what pram you’ve got!

    Happy last couple of weeks! πŸ˜€ You’re looking fab btw, far less Hippo-esque than me! xxx

  2. Oh Sam – what a charmer! πŸ™‚ I hope everything is going smoothly this week- so excited for you and your little family πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Oh so exciting! I loved and hated those last few weeks! The excitement that it’s getting nearer but also the nervous from the thought that it’s getting nearer! lol. Hope all goes smoothly! xx

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