How To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Haven For A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of our everyday lives, but in 2022 it can be difficult to get adequate rest thanks to the rigours of modern life.  Challenges such as our dependence on technology and working from home can make getting to sleep tough for many of us

There are many factors that can hinder your ability to sleep, including your diet, exercise regime and the comfort of your mattress, and lots more. One factor that often gets overlooked is where you sleep. The environment in which you try to sleep is imperative to your ability to relax and unwind at night. If you’re struggling to get the rest you need to feel refreshed and ready for anything in the morning, then here are some innovative ways to optimise your bedroom. 

A comfortable and supportive bed

Having a bed that you look forward to getting into, and know that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, rather than sore and achey is very important. Simba create a range of mattresses and mattress toppers to ensure that you can have a supported and comfortable night’s sleep, whatever your needs.

Keep Your Bedroom Purely For Sleeping 

Working from home can be a particular issue for some, particularly if you’re working in the room you sleep in. Where possible, you should try to avoid working or doing anything else in your bedroom and reserve that room exclusively for sleeping in. Your mind will then come to associate your bedroom with rest, which will help your unconscious mind to push you towards sleep as soon as you enter and get ready for bed. 

Block Out All Light From Windows

Light from the outside can hinder your ability to rest, particularly if you live near a road and have to see headlights flashing past during the night. As such, you should try to block out as much light as possible using blackout vertical blinds. The Lifestyleblinds blog explains the benefits of these innovative solutions and how to choose the right ones so that you can find the perfect window covering for your bedroom. 

Choose A Neutral Colour Palette

While bold colours might seem like a stylish way to brighten up your home, you should make sure that you keep your bedroom neutral. Entrancing patterns and neon colours can distract you while you’re trying to relax before bed. Instead of bright colours, you should try to use a neutral colour palette for your bedroom. Neutral colours don’t have to be boring- you can avoid cream and beige and go for pastels instead. This approach will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and that your bedroom is still a unique representation of your personal style. 

Replace Your Bedding Regularly 

Many of us are aware that we need to replace our mattresses every 8 years, but we might not realise how often we need to get new bedding. Sheets, pillows and duvets are used almost every night, so they need to be replaced every few years. Try to purchase quality items that will last and suit your needs. If you’re sensitive to temperatures when you’re sleeping, then consider buying multiple pillows, duvets and blankets to suit every season. Make sure that you know how often you should replace each soft item of bedding and when you last bought new ones so that you can ensure that you always have a comfortable place to rest your head at night. 

This is a collaborative post. image via unsplash.

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