Parents: Tips to improve your sleep

Sleep is a most valuable and precious thing when you are a parent, Especially if your little darlings are of ages from 0-5 years old. In fact, a big part of parenting is getting used to functioning on way less sleep and still being able to do all the thing that you could before, plus all the added kid-related things! However, even us sleep-deprived parents need a few hours a night where we get to actually switch off. Luckily, I’ve got some advice to help you do that, if you can keep your eyes open long enough to read it that is…


TV vs sleep?

Do you know what else parents miss? It’s time alone, or time alone together as just the adults. That is what can cause them to stay up late into the night once the little ones have gone to bed and watch shows from their favourite box sets, listen to music, or even if they have the energy just sit and talk. Now, I’m not saying that these aren’t valuable activities, but if you are low on sleep, are they more valuable than that? Probably not, especially the TV watching, so if you can, choose to turn in early and catch up on a few hours of extra sleep. Your mind and body, and probably the rest of the family will thank you for it in the morning.

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Is your bedroom comfy?

Another major issue in the parental sleep game is whether your bedroom is comfortable and enough of an oasis to allow your brain to unwind and let you sleep. Yes, when you have a young baby and kids it can get overrun with cots, toys and all that other stuff, but for some folks this can be a real barrier to being able to nod off. They just can’t chill out enough in a cluttered or uncomfortable room to get a decent night sleep.

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With that in mind, take some time to clear out everything but the essential baby items, and improve the comfort level in the room in general. A way of doing this includes replacing old bedding with things like this eve mattress and investing in a new duvet cover set. Just a small change like that can help you maintain the correct sleep temperature in the night, something that can stop you waking up unnecessarily when you do manage to get some sleep!


To nap or not to nap?

Naps can help you top up your total sleep time but naps are controversial in terms of nighttime sleep. Many folks think they are a bad idea because they can prevent restful sleep later on.

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However, if you’re living in a situation where the kids are still waking up through the night, any sleep that you can get in a 24 hour period is good. OK, it may not be all in one go like it used to be but it still helps to refresh your body and mind and make life that little bit more bearable. A benefit that is well worth having when you are raising your brood! Roll on their teens when you won’t be able to get them out of bed!

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  1. Better sleep is a goal of mine in 2018, so thanks for sharing these tips. My bedroom is super comfy… it’s just that there’s always so much to do! I definitely accomplish more the next day when I’ve had a great night’s sleep the night before.

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