In February I…

Read: Where Things Come Back, which is very good. I also read Pretty Honest, which really wasn’t that good, very few make up hints or tips that I’d not heard of and I didn’t really like the style it was written in either.  I wanted to read more but I’ve just been too zonked, you can befriend me on Goodreads though if you fancy!

Watched: Jack O’Connell (Cook from Skins) films mainly, well two. Starred Up & The Liability. I love crime/prison/bad boy films so both of these were right up my street. Sam and I have also been watching The Mentalist and Criminal Minds, along with The Big Bang Theory. I also watch Nashville but he doesn’t seem to be interested in that! As for actual Tv that’s on the telly sadly it’s mainly Cbeebies these days, though I am happy that Gogglebox just started again!

Eating: Waffles mainly (I’ve still got a competition running to win a waffle maker if you fancy one!)

Wearing: Mostly PJs, but I did get a couple of maternity outfits up on the blog too!

A maternity/nursing dress from Frugi & another post on inexpensive maternity style 

Did: Hurtled through my 8th month of pregnancy, started maternity leave at the very end of February, went to The Baby Show, had a lovely evening out with some fellow bloggers at Meat Liquor. Athena turned 20 months old and became even cheekier (We also had her weighed and she’s two stone! so no wonder I’m struggling a bit to carry her sometimes!)

Felt: tired, panicky, happy, heartburny and a lot more!

I wanted to get a ‘Me & Mine’ family portrait up too but for some reason it just isn’t happening! Either one or more of us is in their PJs or someone is about to rush off to work… maybe next month!

I also have a competition running to win a gorgeous wooden watch from JORD too, so do enter that if you’re feeling lucky!

So, that was my February, how was yours?

3 thoughts on “In February I…

  1. I say go for the PJ-clad photo. I’d wear pyjamas all day long if I could get away with it. I suspect work might think I was pushing the “smart/casual” dress code a little bit far. Unless I combined PJs with a tie, perhaps? xxx

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