Stuff on a Sunday #20

This week was sponsored by the words ‘rain’ & ‘snot’.
Sunday was spent feeling sorry for myself because I was still feeling like crap after coming down with the lurgy on Friday, I don’t think we actually left the house! In the morning we built a new square shelving unit thing from Ikea (annoyingly one of the bits had a hole in it, but it doesn’t affect it, just looks a bit crap so Ikea got an email about that!) Sam went to work in the afternoon so Athena and I had a chill out afternoon with some hot cross buns.
On Monday we got pretty soaked through on the way to a friends house for a play date, luckily it had stopped for the walk home! Five mums and their toddlers got together to eat biscuits and drink tea, and weirdly mostly the kids played on their own rather than interacting with each other! I had a Midwife appointment in the afternoon, which meant Athena had a shorter nap than usual as I had to walk her up to make sure we got there on time! The Midwife was running late which meant we missed the hailstones, which was good I guess. Apart from an abrupt midwife who didn’t ask how I was (despite me having almost no voice) or answer any of my questions properly I’m doing okay, measuring on track and blood pressure is fine. There’s a 35 week pregnancy update here.
Tuesday through to Thursday were work days, I felt awful with a blocked nose, headaches and gunky conjunctivitusy eyes overnight (thankfully they’re fine in the day!) and a sore throat, but I didn’t want to call in sick for my last week at work so I just got on with it! I handed everything over and we celebrated with Krispy Kreme donuts on my last day! Poor Sam did a stint of 8 hours on/8 hours off for two days which was pretty horrific for him, and for me because it meant I had to drop Athena off at Nursery and pick her up after work, whereas he normally does one or the other so I don’t have to rush (well, waddle) about at great speed! I’m looking forward to next week when we can be a bit more leisurely without having to worry about missing my train to work! I wrote a post about what i’ll miss about my commute, lots of people watching mainly!
On Friday the sun was shining and it felt almost spring like, so Athena and I had a breakfast of Pain au Chocolate then headed into town, WITH NO COATS ON! Okay, admittedly we were both wearing thick cardigans and she had a hat on too, but I enjoyed the freedom of no coat! I bought myself a new pair of shoes from Clarkes, but they’re suede so I need to wait for this horrific rain to eff off before they get their first outing! I also got Athena a new swimming costume in preparation for our trip to Bluestone in May! Sam’s dad came to stay for the night and Athena remembered him even though she’s not seen him for about 5 months and made him read her books and generally had a good time! He treated us to a Chinese takeaway which was much appreciated, and then he headed off back to Scotland the next day! Oh, Athena also had a THREE HOUR nap, so I had an hour too, and I turned 35 weeks pregnant.
Saturday was food shop day, and ‘Lauren write’s lists’ day. I didn’t actually have enough energy to do much on the lists but they’re written and that’s what counts right? We had waffles for breakfast (and shush, I had them for pudding with ice cream too!) and Athena has started to fake sneeze for laughs, which is very cute!
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5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #20

  1. Aww- the fake sneezing sounds adorable! Very glad to hear your week got better towards the end with multiple rounds of waffles. Says the girl considering eating a fourth (!) crumpet slathered in Nutella… Xxx

  2. It always makes me laugh when the toddlers don’t play with each other, its really for us mums isn’t it! Bless you for struggling through work, I’m such a wimp when I’m poorly! We are off to Bluestones in May, how exciting, what dates are you there?
    Becky xx

  3. Oh I yearn for the days with no coat on… It’s far too cold up here to not wear a coat EVERYWHERE! I had to wear one in a cafe yesterday as it was so darn cold… I hope you’re feeling better, and more relaxed that you’re now on maternity leave! Enjoy it all!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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