In which I am spotty!


spotty blazer H&M // Skirt Zara // Body Primark

Now I’m not sure if I would actually wear this out of the house, I was having a bit of a drawer tidy and the top and skirt were next to each other in a pile, and I had just re discovered the jacket (LOVE it when that happens!) and flung it all on. Sam said I looked hot, I am think I look like an early eighties business woman! what do you think?


Shoes – Newlook. I need to get rid of these, they’re too big. A size 5, and now my feet have shrunk I can take them off without undoing the buckle. If anyone is interested let me know, tbh I would just want payment for postage coz they’re not light!


And some ridiculous posing for your pleasure!

So this was what I (didn’t really) wear on Monday, I changed the jacket and top but kept the spotty body to go and see the vicar, and WE BOOKED OUR WEDDING DATE!!! I am so hugely excited about this, everything suddenly feels SO real and it is in eight months! dun dun dunnnnnnn! So look out for the impending wedding posts!

I want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments on my post about my blackout/seizure! I am just getting on with life, hoping that it doesn’t happen again and waiting for my hospital referral letter to arrive! Bath times are not very relaxing as Sam keeps sticking his head round the door to check on me, but the upside is he can scrub my back for me! (tmi? probably)

I did have a nasty crumple again on Saturday on my way to work, but I blame tiredness (it was 6.30am! and I had worked till 11pm the night before!) as opposed to relating it to my previous ‘episode’ (haha drama queen much?) but I managed to sprain my foot and bruise my bum! The plus side is the bruise on my skull has almost gone and I can wash my hair without wincing in pain now!

I haven’t really got my usual question to ask you, well not once that relates to this post apart from a)would you be seen dead in TRIPLE spots? and b) how the hell do you go about deciding who’s on the guest list for your wedding?

13 thoughts on “In which I am spotty!

  1. I love this outfit love!! You look like you;ve lost even more weight too! How is this happening when you don’t go to the gym atm?! I love the fact you’re posing on your little roof!!! I hope the neighbours happened to be hanging out back! I also love the juxtaposition between yours and Sam’s outfit!

    a) yes and b) don;t invite people you dont want there/know what the limit of the venue is and then work it out from there based on absolute must list/maybe list etc.

  2. I think the outfit looks great! Triple spots for the win! And how exciting about the wedding date! Can’t wait for wedding posts, they are one of my favourite things to read about (Got to live vicariously through others!) xx

  3. Congratulations on the wedding date – I’m looking forward to seeing your posts in the run up to it 😀 I missed the original post, but I’m glad you’re on the mend too 🙂 Aaand…I KNEW IT! Feet can shrink! I think mine have too, and my boyfriend keeps telling me I’m silly and that feet don’t shrink! x

  4. you look cracking in your triple spots look, I say go for it. Super congrats for getting your wedding date booked, you must be thrilled. Now the insane planning starts! The upside to not knowing many people is that you don’t have to cut many from the invite list, good luck with letting peeps down gently.

  5. you look gorgeous :]
    I love the shoes too! congrats on your wedding I look forward to many wedding posts xx

  6. I love the triple spots!!

    Ha ha! Loving you and Sam posing! Fellas just don’t get the “outfit of the day” thing do they?!!

    Answers to: a) Yes I so would! b) Elope=guest list solved!! ;D xx

  7. LOVE this outfit, polka dots are really growing on me, you’re wearing so many!

    Congrats on the wedding date! My other half is an amazing photographer doing 15% off wedding bookings atm, let me know if you want his deets to have a look at his work!! 🙂

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