In which I enjoy a hot drink

*Twinings are sponsoring me to write this, but as you will see I am a legit Twinings drinker anyway!

Now I KNOW that I’m not the only tea lover out there, but you might find it odd that I cannot abide coffee. CANT STAND THE STUFF. But for me this is a good thing, no worrying about what to order at starbucks, no skinny frappa mappa one shot extra strong for me! It’s tea all the way for me! But much as I probably drink about 6 cups of English Breakfast during the day at work (ready supply for me as the hotel I work in puts it in bedrooms!) I have started to branch out to the flavoured fruit teas after my first cup of normal tea! They’re more refreshing and I tend to go off and do something and come back to my mug to find its gone cold, but this doesn’t matter if its fruity! Sophie will testify to my love of fruit teas because I popped a whole lot in the post for her back in January (see what I sent her here!) from my various boxes! We also had a chat on twitter recently about how asda chamomile is nothing like the good stuff.

The kind of teas that are fun to watch brew are the flowering teas, where you drop the bud into hot water and when the flower opens its ready to drink! (& a tip for you, if you find the taste too bitter at first, add a spoonful of sugar to the hot water first, and stir well!)

I’ve tried this kind of tea before in coffee shops, but never ordered it for home, so after seeing this ‘love heart tea’ So i’ll be getting some to enjoy from the comfort of my own sofa, in my PJs!

I was a late comer to the whole drinking hot drinks thing, and the only reason I started was because I used to work in a pub where whenever anyone made tea, everyone would scurry off into the kitchen to drink it together and leave me manning the bar or the tills whilst they had a good gossip! So one day I surprised everyone with my ‘yes, i would very much like a cup of tea’ response, and for three years I drank it really weak and milky, with three sugars! Since being told to avoid dairy around 2 years ago, I now drink my ‘regular’ tea strong and sugarless, because I gave up sugar for lent 2 years ago and now sugary regular tea makes me make squiffy faces of disgust!

image    learn about the ‘take 10’ philosophy (click the picture!)

You should try rooibos/redbush tea if you find sleeping difficult, as it is full of flavour but decaffeinated, I discovered it when I spent some time in South Africa, and have carried on drinking it in the evenings so I don’t go to bed on a caffeine high! Also, if you are a nap lover like me, drink a cup of (caffeine) tea before you nod off, and the caffeine should kick in and wake you up fairly shortly after! (that, or needing a pee will!)

I’m already signed up to the Twinings email, and if you are a new user of their site you can order 2 samples! and keep up to date with new ranges and special offers on their Twinings facebook page!

Tea or Coffee? One lump or none? regular or fruity?

5 thoughts on “In which I enjoy a hot drink

  1. haha, we do love our teas! I’ve not seen the flowering tea but they look anazing, will keep an eye out.

  2. I am a very big tea fan. I take about half a sugar, strong, quite a bit of milk. I also love honey rooibos for evenings.

    In fact I was so distraught about our fridge/freezer going (no milk for tea!!) that a friend of ours came round with his beer fridge so that I didn’t have to go without. He’s seen me decaffeinated….

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