In which I answer ’15 weird Questions’

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Questions nabbed from Laura who’s blog I found through Love Audrey both are lovely blogs!

1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?
My family aren’t really one for nicknames, my mumma calls me ‘darling daughter’ every once in a while. Fiance calls me ‘G’ for gorgeous…. and close friends call me Loz. I was lolly for most of primary school, and sometimes speedy because I wouldn’t read in groups in school as I was frustrated with how slow people read.

2. What’s a weird habit of yours?
I actually cant think of any other than ‘rustling’ labels on clothes (or anything really) but not all labels are rustly… only a certain type. M&S labels used to be, and whenever my mum used to take stuff to the charity shops i’d cut out the good labels….

3. Do you have any weird phobias?
nope. I only cannot cope with spiders. My flat mate doesnt like things with holes in (crumpets, melting snow on grass… bless her)

4. What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you’re alone?

Absolutely not – Deborah Cox. every few years I re-discover this on my computer… good for belting out!
5. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
socks or tights with open toed shoes… I know its becoming fashionable to wear ankle socks with frills with ‘going out shoes’ and that I can just about bear. Also black tights (opaque) I could probably cope with in open toed shoes. but tan tights and open toes. NO!
ALSO, leggings that are too thing and worn so that you can see the wearers knickers through the stretched out material. nu uh!

6. What’s one of your nervous habits?

I rub my nose, which probably looks like i’ve just being doing coke in the toilet. I haven’t. Also I play with my hair a lot.

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

the right side…. even when i’m in it on my own.

8. What was your first stuffed animal & it’s name?

a small clown that had a thumb that stuck in its mouth. it was called george and I once left it at a makeup counter in selfridges when I was 2 and my mum had to take me all the way there again to retrieve it. bless mum.

9. What’s the drink you ALWAYS order at Starbucks?
nothing. I don’t do starbucks, although in the rare occasions I will because a friend wants to go there it’ll be normal tea or a chai latte.

10. What’s the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?

always moisturise… I hardly EVER moisturise. especially my body.

11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Our shower is in the bath, so i face away from the shower head and towards the door

12. Do you have any ‘weird’ body ‘skills’?

I can stick my ankles behind my head.

13. What’s your favourite ‘comfort food’/food that’s ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways?

biscuits!!!! and pringles.
14. What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say?
douche is my insult du jour at the moment.

15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?

Knickers, and maybe a t shirt if its really cold. I hate to wear too much in bed because I get tangled up.

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