In which I borrow a Camper Van

(for the purpose of taking pictures in front of)


Jumper&Scarf – Primark, Skirt – Peacocks

    SDC12163  SDC12158

The Skirt is actually a bit bluer in reality, & this is my new favourite jumper, the only downside is that you cant wear a jacket over it as the rolled up sleeves get all caught up near your armpits.


Sam wanted to pose too.

So the sun finally arrived. I’m not sure how I feel about this. My legs are not really ready for public appearance just yet, so until I have sunned them a little more from the privacy of my sun deck flat roof, I will remain covered. I had a date with a borrowed hoover this weekend (a purple dyson no less!) as our sucker died last month, and I also went out for a couple of drinks for Sophies birthday.

Drink does not agree with me anymore, and I am not sure why this is. Is it because I am old? Or is it because I very rarely drink? Either way if I drink more than two drinks I wake up with a fuzzy head and a bad belly. I reckon this has something to do with my IBS, which seems to be getting worse recently, although I have not changed my diet all that much so I can’t for the life of me work out what it is! However I should report that I’ve not had ANY further incidents of blackouts or seizures, but the good old NHS still haven’t sent me an appointment for the fits clinic! Anyway… I used to pull frequent all nighters and rave it up till the sun came up (two days later often!) Oh well, I am liking middle aged life quite a lot so shouldn’t complain!

I am looking forward to going on holiday on Saturday, just a few more days of work to go (and Wednesday I am in Heathrow for work so that’ll fly by, apart from the m25/m23 journey to and from!) and then we will be on a boat on the Norfolk Broads! I am going with Sam and 6 other people, one of whom is my oldest friend Amy, we grew up living opposite each other, and I don’t see her very often so I am looking forward to spending time with her pregnant self!

Also, go and watch my best friend tag video, its very long so I’ll forgive you if you only watch a bit!

13 thoughts on “In which I borrow a Camper Van

  1. ohh the van looks lovely as do you.
    About alcohol, it fuck me up big time. I used to drink a lot very young, I blame it on unsutible boyfriends of the time but now I have a few glasses of wine and i’m a state. Ant more and i’m ill.
    Also I have IBS too. It’s horrible isn’t it xxx

  2. Ahh I want a camper van! I have days where I think I’d happily live in them – but then I think about luxurious baths and good internet access and reconsider! And woo, Norfolk! Hope you have an awesome time and lots of pictures are taken! 🙂 xx

  3. There are so many things that I love about this post its unreal lol. I love your nail polish, jumper, skirt, scarf and that camper! Oh, I also hate not being able to wear jackets over certain jumpers, it irates me :II x

  4. I know what you mean about 3/4 sleeves and coats! So annoying!
    I love that Sam wants to pose for pictures too! 😀

    Maybe the IBS flair up is due to stress? Work/wedding organising?! Mine used to be very, very bad but just calmed down as I got older. It’s pretty much gone now, maybe an episode once a year.

    I would chase your nhs appointment because I was once referred and never got an appointment because the doctor forgot to write the letter (!!) xx

  5. Love the jumper- I’ve got one similar which does exactly that! So I’ve just gotta suck it up and be cold haha! I feel the exact same about my legs right now, desperately trying to not be as pale in my garden before I unleash them!

    Maybe IBS is cause of stress? The past few weeks I’ve had a bad flair up of it because of exams/assignments, so I know how you feel. I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    Love, Elizabeth xx

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