In which I video the Best Friend Tag!


Back when I was in Germany in January staying with Miss Emily, we filmed the best friend tag for your viewing pleasure. Now I am no editing whizz, I mean obviously if I wanted to be I could be (HAR HAR!) so forgive the crappily edited together bits, and the fact that it is in two halves because youtube is evil, turn up your volume (sorry!) & enjoy!


Please please let me know if you managed to watch it all… we do waffle on somewhat!

Have you done this tag? if not, why not?!

3 thoughts on “In which I video the Best Friend Tag!

  1. I made it right to the end! Haha, funny hearing you two waffle on about each other. You should do more videos. πŸ™‚ x

  2. AWHH BLESS YOU TWO! Although Spoontang is wearing what she wore last night, are you sure you didnt really do this last night?! Also, what is this tag thing about?! Ive never heard of it! xx

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