In which I celebrate my birthday by showing you stupid faces

As I am currently pottering around Frankfurt with no desire nor ability to post, this is a scheduled post showing you all my squiffy faces and spazzy stances from various old outfit posts, the ones that didn’t make the cut.

If you can’t look a fool on your birthday, when can you?






(the one on the right is my fave ^^^)






Please free to link back to this post, or tweet the link, just to prove to the world that people do not JUST post pictures of themselves looking good.

Happy Birthday to me!

26 thoughts on “In which I celebrate my birthday by showing you stupid faces

  1. haha I love this, thanks for sharing these moments with us. I’ve got some horrendous ones of me although I don’t think I’m brave enough to post… 

  2. HAHAHAHA LAUREN! Hilarious as ever! What is this best friend tag of which you speak? Ive never heard of it! xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday love! A little pressie for you… an award waiting for you over on my blog!! 
    P.S I absolutely LOVED your WIMB video, you’re a natural!! ;D xxxx

  4. well someeeeeone had a good time! I totally need to see a close up of your tattoo too, it looks so cute. Hope you’re having fun in Germany petal xo

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