In which I am flowery

Shorts: H&M
Jumper: New Look
Belt: Zara
Shoes: Peacocks (£4!!)
Necklaces: Hamsa hand from my mumma, and longer bow necklace, a gift from Sophie
I completely forgot I owned this Jumper, and I reckon this is its 3rd wear ever. It’s slouchy and has a completely useless pocket on the left tit. I think I didn’t wear it when I first got it because it is cropped slightly, but tucked into these shorts it works, I think.
The shoes are possibly the most masculine thing I own (apart from jogging bottoms) and I only got them because of the cheap as chips price! They’re not particularly well fitting round the sides, but then I have bony feet anyway, so perhaps its all my fault. They’re fine for stomping round town in though.
I thought that the flowery shorts and the flowery tights might be a bit on an overkill, but everyone who saw me that day said it worked, so thumbs up!
[This is obviously a scheduled post because I am still living it up in Germany, in fact, if all goes to plan then I am heading to an electro night tonight in Heidelburg for a night of debaucherous thrills, what do Germans wear when they go clubbing…? I will aim to take some sneaky snaps and report back….]
And… if you didst see it, have a look at me looking like a tit here
Cheapest pair of shoes you’ve ever bought? Primark doesn’t count!!

21 thoughts on “In which I am flowery

  1. Oh my god I LOVE those shorts with the tights and shoes. I have been looking for a pair of black boy style brouges for dancing.  The cheapest pair of shoes I have bought was just after Christmas, a pair of greyish / beige low kitten heels in Matalan for £6

  2. that would be via ebay, under a fiver inc postage, always a risk though.
    Love your shorts with that top. Hope you’re enjoying Germany 🙂

  3. your shorts are awesome. My boyfriend always laughs when I have totally unnecessary pocket on the boob of my clothes ‘What on earth are you going to keep in there???’ He says.

    This jumper looks really comfy though, so the pocket is allowed. Glad you’re having a fun and crazy time in Germany!

    I like the flower shorts on patterned tights– looks great.

    These shoes are pretty amazing. Most of my cheap shoes are primark. Quite a few ASDA ones too. Most of my cheap cheap ones that I’ve got recently returned to England with me after I lived in South Korea. Cheap shopping there!

    Amy x

  4. I hope that you’re having a lovely time in Germany! You look gorgeous here, are the tights from primark (I ask simply because I have a similar pair from there!) I love the shorts and the jumper, I have a jumper with a pocket in the same place as yours, why do companies put pockets there? xo

  5. I love the shorts and tights combo! The cheapest pair of shoes I’ve ever bought were 2 euros from a hypermarket in France, I loved those shoes! They were super comfy! 

  6. Thanks Amy. It is weird when whoever designs these things stick random things in unnecessary places, but I guess maybe it would look a bit dull without it?! Asda is good for shoes, I have a really nice pair of wedge boots from there! I have just read your latest post, and would kill to have hair like yours! x

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