In which I discuss my favourite apps

I must admit, I have a shedloads of apps, but actually only use a handful. I know not everyone has an iphone, or even a smart phone (if you’re my mum you cant even cope with a phone with no buttons and get shocked when a phone has a colour screen!) but I thought i’d share my favourites with you in case anything takes your interest! Below are are my two main screens, the third screen has new apps that i’ve downloaded that haven’t been shoved into one of the other folders (or deleted) yet!

IMG_6428 IMG_6429
I keep my mostly used apps on the home screen, which are…
 IMG_6479 IMG_6433 IMG_6434

The podcasts app, the ‘free app’ app and ‘ep tracker’, along with the normal twitter/facebook/instagram/clock/camera. The ‘free app magic’ app gives you a choice of three apps to download each day that are normally paid for. On average I probably download about 3 apps a week, as there are quite a lot of games included which i’m just not interested in, but it does often give you photo apps and other random things! The Ep tracker app is a GODSEND, you tell it what programs you are watching and then it lists all the episodes by season (with a synopsis) and you can tick them off as you watch them. It tells you the air date too, so you can see when future episodes are coming out. The podcasts app is way better than the old version i think, and my favourite podcasts are Answer me this, Joy the baker and the High tea cast, and the app has a cute old fashioned reel type thing, if you swipe up in a podcast, which thinking about it is actually pretty daft as you don’t look at your phone when listening… but hey ho!

 IMG_6431 IMG_6480 IMG_6430
The only other app I use on a regular basis at the moment are a couple of pregnancy tracker apps, the favourite being ‘what to expect’ which gives some (Semi) useful tips and most importantly tells you how big the baby is compared to a fruit or vegetable. I also use the white noise apps when I can’t get to sleep sometimes, and the ‘my symptoms’ app was really useful for tracking my various health issues before I got pregnant. (this is the only app I own that I paid for I think!)
Anyway, my phone is playing up a little in that it signal doesn’t seem to be as strong as it should be in places where it normally is, and it never seems to get 3g, even at home in central Brighton! My contract is up in August, but I think I’ll stick with an iphone for ease of use. I don’t need a phone that I can customise all the different screens and so on, so an iphone 5 it will be! (or maybe even a 6 by then?!) Carphone Warehouse have a good selection and also do free gifts with most top of the range phones on contract, Sam always gets a new contract from them when his phone is up for renewal, and got an X box last time!


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