In which I don’t get blown up

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Dress – Peacocks, Shoes – New Look


My new favourite dress (partly because it is a size 8 and I am not a size 8 actually) but it ties at the back, with fairly flattering gathering at the front, and I love dresses with long sleeves because you don’t need a cardigan to keep your arms warm in an a/c’d office. (this is a work dress at the moment, because I hate spending inordinate amounts of money on work clothes, and this was £9)

Ok, so a potentially a little overdramatic with the title of this post. But I was in London yesterday when some tosspot decided to go all faux-terrorist and threaten to blow people up in Tottenham court road. I was in Hammersmith during the day then soho in the evening so actually was in no danger at all… but ‘in which I wear a dress’ would be dull.

After I finished my working day, I headed to meet my friend Carla for dinner (dim sum & noodles) via Forever 21. Yes I know I am meant to be saving for the wedding, by in my defence anywhere where you can get 3 dresses for £43 is like heaven, and they are all awesome. (1 for work and 2 for pleasure) I will no doubt wear them soon (if it EVER STOPS RAINING!) and you will see them.

I’ve been feeling stressed recently, hence the lack of ‘quality’ posts (by this I mean waffly rambly posts about nothing much in general) which are a speciality of mine, although I did waffle a fair bit here, and this post about reading took my a good couple of hours to write, but I enjoyed it immensely.  Anyway, the reason for the stress is few-fold, work, money, wedding, wedding, plans to leave Brighton next year (work permitting) and so on and so forth. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE A GROWN UP?! So i’m just feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything I need to be doing really… so once this is posted I am going to go on a house cleaning mission in the hopes that once I am sitting in a clean & tidy house (someone lend me a hoover? mine died) I will feel more inclined to get some wedding planning done…

over & out…

12 thoughts on “In which I don’t get blown up

  1. Love the dress and I adore the shoes! The day sounds fun lovely! Food and shopping is always good. And you can pretend to be a grown up. It works with me 😉
    Happy weekend!

  2. Cute dress! I know exactly what you mean about hating to spend a lot on work clothes. I teach 4-7 year olds and I am surrounded by paint, glue, sand and soil all day so I spend as little as possible on my work clothes. Before the wedding I felt so stressed, there was just so much to do, but you’ll get there and it’ll be worth it in the end. x

  3. This dress is gorgeous on you, I love the first photo, you look very happy with the dress! 🙂 I am always freezing in our air conditioned office so I feel I need to invest in some more long sleeved dresses! I love the way you write your posts, always makes me smile as I can imagine you saying it out loud (does that sound really creepy, sorry!) xxx

  4. Looking gawgus my love! Try not to feel overwhelmed and remember that it’s meant to be a happy day, not a stressful one! Try not to worry too much about the future in terms of moving etc, try to keep your focus otherwise itll all be a bit too overwhelming!Love always xx xxx

  5. You look so lovely in that dress, great find. I’m hating being a grown up (I feel like I’m pretending and actually I’m just a child) it rather sucks. Wedding planning is rather a stressful thing, my advice is to get all the bookings done first, then refine details. Or forget to refine, if you winged it a bit like me.

  6. Love the dress! I find that style of cut very flattering to many body shapes, and you can change the look by adding different types of accessories.It looks great on you. I’m the excate same way, where I will buy something bc it says a smaller size lol.

    Also I think this dress actually looks so lovely on you Lauren it truly does! DON’T STRESS ABOUT THINGS IN LIFE, AND IF YOU ARE STRESSING C’MON OVER TO MINE FOR A CUPPA.XX

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