In which I go on the Brighton Wheel

During my early shift on Sunday (which should have been my day off) I had to go onto the roof of the building I work in to try and work out the origins of whatever it was that was reverberating all through the building (an extractor fan in the end…) and on the roof, seven stories up, I saw the Brighton Wheel (previously pictured here) going on its merry way round!

So after work, I went to see if I could go on it with two friends. It was amazing! I’m really interested in the history of Brighton, and aim to know a fair bit about the city (working in a hotel means people ask you the strangest questions and expect you to know everything about Brighton, which is fine by me!) so it was a completely new experience to see Brighton spread out beneath us whilst sitting in a little suspended pod.

As I didn’t have any plans to go on the Wheel yesterday I didn’t have either of my ‘good’ cameras, so the pics below are all iphone pictures, and not good ones at that… I was more interested in taking it all in than snapping pics.

Ticket// the Pier and a bit of a seagull // Looking towards the station

The West Pier in the distance// towards the Marina (and the nudist beach) // crazy golf

The Wheel costs £8 and we were on it for about 15 minutes and went round 3 or 4 times…. I lost count!
If anyone ever wants to go on it, let me know i’ll happily do it monthly!

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