In which I love & loathe October

the weather, it took long enough to decide to be cold // my boss pissed me off // People not paying for things on Ebay till I’ve sent them a million reminders // THEN wanting the item sent to Spain!! // being ill whilst being on holiday from work // having to have an intrusive ultra sound // not having any motivation to go to the gym // and therefore not losing anymore weight // having friends who are going through difficult situations  // having bad skin// Being properly diagnosed with PCOS 

having time off work and reading lots of books, and not feeling guilty for doing nothing because I was ill! // getting my blog going properly // having a clothes and crap clear out // getting closer to setting a wedding date so I can plan properly // buying my plane tickets to Frankfurt for my birthday in Germany //  looking forward to seeing my friend Emily whilst i’m in Germany //  being very excited for a certain friend for a secret reason // bought 2 lovely new dresses // also bought a new lazing on the sofa fleecy throw //  I went on the Brighton Wheel!! // Doing lots of cooking & baking (post coming soon)

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  1. sophiewearing
    30th October 2011 / 6:37 pm

    I like this!!! ALso, what is this friend and secret reason? Please may I be let in on this secret?! xxx

  2. Emma (ecoprincess)
    31st October 2011 / 10:52 am

    I’ve quite recently been diagnosed with PCOS too. Really sad about it, but going to do my best to lose some weight and hope that that improves it somewhat!

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