In which I go to Cambridge




(boy obviously had a fiddle with the camera settings… I prefer sepia, I wish life was in sepia…)


Tshirt/Dress H&M – Grey moleskin (faux suede?) material on the front, with black jersey on the rear. It has stitched detailed on the front, and slightly cuffed short sleeves, so when the weather is warmer i’ll get better pictures.

Grey Leather fingerless driving gloves – Topshop

Cardigan (yes, still wearing it almost daily!) – Peacocks

Tights- Peacocks,

Boots Newlook

Jacket – H! by henry holland

I love how tactile this dress is, (as does the boy, keeps stroking me) but its really hard to describe, some websites describe it as moleskin, others faux suede, but its a fairly thing material… tell me you know what I mean so I can stop harping on about it?!

These pictures were taken on our stop over in Cambridge on the way to Norfolk last week. My dad grew up near Cambridge but I cant remember ever visiting it before! It was a bit drizzly so we didn’t explore too much, but we had a nice lunch. I was in a foul mood because I had conjunctivitis and it was making me irritable and miserable, and we had to wait forever for a car park space so that pissed me off too! Anyway, here are a couple of pictures. We’ll try and go back when it isn’t raining, but I am assuming that there will be even MORE hoards of Japanese tour groups than there were on a grey wet day before NYE!




After we pottered around town we went to see The girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the Cambridge cineworld to make use of our monthly pass things, I was impressed! Being fairly sceptical about hollywood ruining what was already a perfectly good film, and amazing book, I was worried they’d cock it up. Apart from being highly gruesome and a probably too graphic rape scene, it was good. I Normally get antsy and fidgety in the cinema especially in films this long (need to learn to knit in the dark, well knit full stop) but this flew past and I didn’t even realise how long it was until it ended. I recommend, but read the book first!

My no spending is going well so far, I bought new filofax inserts, but i reckon that comes under the heading necessity!

Seen any good films recently? Favourite films of all time? I’m on the looking for some new ones to watch, so recommend away please!

10 thoughts on “In which I go to Cambridge

  1. looks like a fun day. i was scared as to what this movie was going to turn up to be like but David Fincher is a cool cat. Definitely need to watch the film. 

  2. Oohhh I love Cambridge 🙂 My dad lived there for about a year a few years ago and it was so lovely. Glad you had a nice time 🙂 Haven’t been to the cinema in a while – last film I saw was The Help which was amazing. Fave films of all time are anything by Studio Ghibli, Little Miss Sunshine, Daddy Day Care, Some Like it Hot, Into the Wild, The Science of Sleep and The Darjeeling Limited to name a few 🙂 x

  3. I haven’t seen or red the book yet, I must make sure I do ! I just have such a long list of books to get through already. I am glad you enjoyed the film and had a fab day ! I like the photos and those Topshop gloves are lovely.

  4. You have such an eclectic list of faves! Ive never seen some like it hot, much to my dismay! I will add it to the list! Cambridge was lovely, we’ll definitely go back when the weather is a little better! Oh, and the Help was brilliant, I want to read the book now!

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