In which I paint my nails 3

DSC04940DSC04942 flash
DSC05046no flash
Accessorise love fudge, with Revlon gold coin tips. I really really like this for a nudeish Design.
(pictures taken on phone of either instyle or marie claire…cant remember which!)
OPI extravavaganza, a multi red/gold glitter filled bottle of amazingness
Models own pinky Brown
IMG_1907IMG_1908(with flash on the right)
Nails Inc Victoria Street (glamour freebie)
And finally…. PENGUINS! fiddly but cute, the other hand has snow drifts… (aka splodgy white tips!)
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8 thoughts on “In which I paint my nails 3

  1. I hardly ever paint my nails but you’ve done yours so prettily. Especially love the penguins!

  2. Lovin’ the glitter nails….now if only I could stop being so lazy and polish them and figure out how to make my manicures last longer!  New to your blog and would like to invite you to linkup with me sometime and show off your personal style.

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