In which I go to work 2


OH MY GOD THERE’S THREE OF ME! Skirt: New Look, Top: Primark, Cardigan: Peacocks


Kept the theme going with bows on my shoes too! (also Primark)

Another work outfit. The skirt is made of stretchy jersey stuff, like the shorter versions in various colours newlook do, its double material in some places, but because of the way I sit at work (with my legs crossed to one side under my arse normally) and the way I walk, it gets a bit baggy at the knees, so needs to be washed after each wear to retain its tightness… but at £9.99 who really cares eh? The first three pics are unusually blurry, camera was obviously having an off day!


I have had a bit of a naff week this week. All i’ve done after work is NOTHING, like literally nothing. The hoover is broken and has now been ceremoniously dumped in the wheely been… so I did absolutely no house work, not even non hoover related tasks. I did none of the crafty bits I had planned. I didn’t call either set of parents. I didn’t take down my birthday cards, I didn’t change the bed covers, I didn’t put my clean clothes away, I didn’t do any washing. I didn’t even cook dinner, as there was nobody home this week in the evenings to cook for. I haven’t even made myself a cup of tea at home. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?! I think I just felt sorry for myself on Monday, then carried on the the rest of the week! I went for a swift cider with my friend nick, who is about to go travelling (jealous!!) and found out he blogs! He wont tell me where, and says it is mainly about football! Surprises never cease! When I told him I blog, he was like, what the hell do you write about?! and if this paragraph is anything to go by, not much!

I did make it to the cinema and to asda (the thrills!) tonight with Sam, and am also a very late edition to #LDNLUNCH tomorrow, and am getting to meet a few of my twitter loves, and would only have been sat around feeling sorry for myself all day doing nothing, so instead I get to read my book on the train, meet some lovelies, drink some drink (and better actually eat some food, seeing as this week all I have eaten is 4 bowls of porridge, a bagel and a battered sausage and chips) and have a nice time!

Feeling: ‘meh’ and mopey. Listening to: Paul Simon (how cool am I?) Eating: Not enough

21 thoughts on “In which I go to work 2

  1. Love the outfit, I always love the way that pencil skirts look, not on me though they make my bum look the size of a house! I’ve been the same after work this week, I’ve done nothing – no blogging, no commenting, no reading, no cooking need to snap out of it! 

    Have a good time at LDNLUNCH! xx

  2. I love your outfit, you look gorgeous. I really get the whole ‘Meh’feeling. I can’t even muster up the energy to care about most things. The only thing that I have any real feeling towards is my uni work, writing my blog and sleeping. xxX

  3. Your turn to have a meh week – seems to be all I’m doing at the moment is nothing!

    Looking lovely in your skirt, very smart! xx

  4. Your turn to have a meh week – you’ll break out if soon!

    Looking lovely in your skirt, very smart! xx

  5. I love that skirt and I had those pumps but sold them on ebay as I found them a bit uncomfortable.  I have however got more pumps with bows on. I love bows!

    I wear pencil skirts with flat pumps for work too.  Have you got tights on in your photos and if so where did you get them from as they are not too shiny. xx

  6. Ha, you sound exactly like me; I’ve done literally NOTHING all day and yet I had so much planned! Good one.

    Loving the bows!

  7. Cute shoes! I always have trouble finding ‘the right’ shoes for work :/

  8. I had a great time!!! wish I could transport myself easily to a northern one and meet all the northerns too!
    I am making myself do things this week, little tasks etc to help me snap out of it! 🙁 Hope you feel better soon tooo!

  9. I am feeling a bit better already! but still not 100%! perhaps I need a trip to the zoo 😉

  10. They are taking a bit of wearing in, you’re right! I will persevere tho! I love bows, I have another bow ish outfit coming soon hopefully! The tights are from charnos, via TK maxx, and actually they were an new pair I had stashed at work for a ladder incident, I was originally wearing black ones but I snagged them! These are good actually, hope they last a while! 

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