In which I go to LDNLunch

So I was pootling round Asda on friday night when Eloise tweeted me to see if I was still interested in coming to the Blogger meet she had been slaving away on! My answer was a resounding YES PLEASE. I told Sam as we were at the checkout, and he was like, “you’re going where, to meet who? 40 complete strangers?! Have fun then…”
So off I trotted to London the next day to meet some of my favourite onliners! We met at a bar where some football watching gents thought we were doing lesbian speed dating. uh, NO. With so many people I was realistically never going to talk to everyone, but I am glad that I got to have a good old natter with the people I did! Although I did take my camera, I took no photos apart from a couple of phone snaps… so I have borrowed these from the girls who were clever enough to take pictures!
Katie & Jazzy (awesome hair and awesome shoes)
[2 photos courtesy of Katie – Miss KTP]
My face is classic (notice the empty jug of cocktail) Emma and Eloise look stunning though hence why I am including it!
[Photo – Jemma – Floral Etiquette]
Pancakes & Bacon, People, Bathroom mirror shot of what I wore

It was virtually impossible to talk to all the lovely females, It was a bit easier when there were less of us after the trek to wetherspoons, but I guess with 40 odd people in a bar it was always going to be a bit of a challenge! Funnily enough there was actually very little ‘blog’ talk, and topics ranged from mash vs chips (CHIPS) to how expensive the cost of living is.

I advise you to go and check out all the blogs mentioned, they are all amazing and i’m so glad I went because I have a whole load more blogs to read now! I had an awesome day and am looking forward to the next time I see Katys pants already!

11 thoughts on “In which I go to LDNLunch

    1. It was a tad daunting, and a bit eek, who shall I talk to first BUT we soon got over than and it was all cushty! xx

  1. Alright fit face! Really lovely to meet you, you are a RIGHT laugh. You should have photoshopped your photos a bit more though, don’t want the world to know how fat we all really are…
    I vote party time in Brighton…mates rates in your hotel!! 😉 xxxxxxxx

    1. i’ll get the ‘super fat smudger’ brush out soon, dont you worry!!
      brighton bash definitely neeeeeeds to happen!!!

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