In which I make ‘Philly Chicken’

One of my favourite ‘easy to make but looks and tastes more intricate’ dinners
You need: chicken breasts, Pancetta bacon (or regular works too), Philadelphia. cocktail sticks, and whatever veg you want to go with your dindins. Pre heat your cooker to 180-190 degrees.
SDC13802 SDC13803
Slice each chicken breast down the centre with a sharp knife. Spoon about three heaped teaspoons of Philadelphia into the freshly made hole.
SDC13804 SDC13806
Wrap pancetta all the way round, I used about two slices per breast, aiming to wrap from end to end. Then I stuck cocktail sticks in them just to keep it in place during cooking.
Put into the oven for around 30 minutes, the pancetta will crisp up, but make sure you cut into one to make sure it isn’t pink anymore! The philly will more than likely have escaped a little bit, but that’s okay!
SDC13812 SDC13814
Serve with your sides, mine is sweet potato and veg (obviously)
Variations: use the herb philadelphia (or the chocolate one, haha!), you can also sprinkle various herbs and spices on top pre-oven, paprika and turmeric are favs of mine!

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  1. this sounds great, I think I may have tried it ages ago but will have to make it again, though not the choccy one, haha! x

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