In which I actually bother


dress:Forever21, and will probably be indecently shorter at the front if I put it on now, two weeks later!
Pendant & stacking rings: Miss Selfridge, Bird ring: Primark (plus wedding/engagement obvs)
eyes: mac cranberry, mac stars and rockets eyeshadow. Mac fluidline Catch my eye, with some random black eyeshadow as lower liner. Mascara is Lancôme hypnose Drama.
This is from a couple of weekends ago, and it’s what I wore out for my Birthday dinner with friends (we had all you can eat Chinese and it was amazing, and cooked to order so not a buffet! even better!) I forgot how much I enjoy doing ‘proper’ eye makeup as opposed to my normal daily make up, but it takes time and when you get up for work at 6am normally I just bother with one shadow and mascara.
My week has been a GOOD ONE for once as we had an unannounced audit at work that went really well, and the pressure of knowing that was coming and how important it was was making me not sleep properly, and even on days off/when I was away I wasn’t relaxing for the day till 10am (as they would have announced by then, and can come 7 days a week) so PHEW! Hopefully I wont get another one before I go on maternity leave either, fingers crossed! I also went for dinner with Steph, had cake with my friend Lucy and have another tea and cake date tonight with Karina! AND I have absolutely shit-all planned for the weekend, so I can a) buy some food as my cupboards are like miss hubbards (if she was the one with bare cupboards? or did she live in a shoe?) b) I can try and have a lie in (might work now I know we wont get an audit, but the piddling will still occur around 5am regardless! not in bed though…)and c)I can catch up on the 200+ posts sat taunting me in google reader!

Oh, here is a bump picture, and you can read more about being up le duff on my other blog, plus some posts from steph about the first three months of being a mother! and at the 20 week scan we discovered we have a shy baby, it had its legs crossed so we aren’t sure if it is a joe or jane (not that it would be called either)

12 thoughts on “In which I actually bother

  1. Ooo how exciting seeing the bump grow! Wishing you all the best with the pregnancy hun! On another note, your eye make up is lovely!

    Eda x

  2. I loved the title of this post.. you’ll find once you’re a mother you’ll have less and less days where you can’t be bothered to make an effort (which is why the last two days i’ve lay around in a baggy t-shirt, jeggings and a massive cardigan.

    You look beautiful, definitely into the trimester 2 glowing stage and you’re make up looks great. Glad you had a good week and that your audit went well at work.

    I wish I lived closer for a cake date 🙁

    Amy x

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