In which I master false eyelashes & a maternity outfit



Face: MAC studio sculpt in NW20, with benefits Hello Flawless  (the powder version) in Champagne to set. Bobby Brown shimmer brick to contour and highlight. Unfortunately my face is darker than my neck :/


Eyes: Maybelline colour tattoo in pink gold all over, with Benefit skinny jeans creaseless cream shadow in the sockets and lower lash line, black gel eyeliner and on the top lids plus fake eyelashes from the event at Lanes health and beauty. Messy eyebrows (they were neater when I did them 6 hours before) filled in with macs ‘lingering’ eyebrow self propelling pencil thing (which I dislike, I’m just trying to use it up!)


 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Wearing: Topshop maternity dress via ebay. I love the beaded detail on the shoulders, but its a but too low cut so I need to wear a vest top underneath it! I also like how all the black makes me look less bumpy/frumpy! (also excuse the gormless face below, I had been in a noisy bar for about 4 hours longer than I wanted to me with a bunch of Sam’s work colleagues that I’d never met before!)


I was actually fairly impressed that I managed to last a whole evening with false eyelashes on! All the tips I was given by the ladies at the Lanes Health and Beauty paid off! (trim to size, use black eyelash glue and let it dry to tacky before sticking it on your lid!) helped! They felt secure and made me feel a lot more ‘awake’ looking too! I think I have finally mastered the art of falsies! Although I still used gel eyeliner on the top lid to accentuate them a bit more…

A week today I am off to Cornwall for a week for a pre baby holiday with friends, we’ve hired a lovely barn conversion, so if anyone has any recommendations of what to see/do/eat in Cornwall, please let me know! I desperately need a little break, as when I get back to work I’ll only have a few weeks left, and work is becoming a little bit of a struggle already! Luckily I spend half my day sat and half standing/walking etc which I think is the right balance, so no swollen ankles thus far! I did a post on the ‘mummyish’ blog on Monday about some current anxiety issues, so wont repeat myself here, but one of them was about who my maternity cover was going to be, but that one is sorted and is who I wanted it to be! Mega relief!

Anyway, let me know if you’re a lover or hater of applying false lashes, and of any Cornwall recommendations!

8 thoughts on “In which I master false eyelashes & a maternity outfit

  1. You look absolutely stunning in these pictures, your make-up is just perfect!
    I love falsies but always end the night with that ‘sleepy eye’ feeling as they feel so heavy after a while.

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

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