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I was invited to a ‘nails & wine’ night at Powder Beauty last week in association with Gallo Wines, and although couldn’t partake in the wine, very much partook in the nails part of the event! I had my nails done by Rachel, and ever indecisive, couldn’t choose one colour so went for thumb/4th finger accents.
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Both colours were OPI, the blue is ‘Suzi says feng shui’ and the rose gold glittery one is ‘rally pretty pink’ (I think, from scouring swatches online!) You can see mine (& Skye’s!) nails on the Powder pinterest board, which has some amazing ‘pins’ on it! They’ve also got a facebook page, which I am reliably informed will have some discounts on soon!
LisaWormsleyd_28 LisaWormsleyd_49
The salon is decked out in a vintage style, with birdcages and old Vogue magazine covers adorning the walls. Along with all the regular beauty treatments (for a full list click here) they also sell vintage clothes (including the most adorable little baby 2 piece outfits, think knickerbockers!) and some lovely jewellery too, along with nail varnishes, mascara and other beauty essentials, so you could effectively come out from an appointment looking like a whole new person, outfit and all!
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 IMG_8212 IMG_8214 IMG_8216
Plus I got chatting to Lisa who does permanent make-up like eyeliner/brows etc and we had a good old natter about tattoos and the like! You can view her website ‘beautiful ink’ here, and she also blogs about beauty tips too. Imagine not having to fill in your brows daily…
Overall a lovely relaxed evening in a gorgeous vintage style salon!

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