In which I paint my nails again


Here are my nails over the last few weeks (I last showed my nails here)


Barry M Dusky Mauve 313 (the right image is the best representative of colour)


OPI – A Grape fit, with accesorize crystal shimmer (a nice multi tone glitter in a creamy white base)


Random sparklies as I was getting in-fills the next day so the glitter would be filed off instead of me scrubbing and scrubbing (see this post for the individual names/makes)


A random mishmash of sparkles & purple crackle


Models own Emerald Black with a half nail of OPI Extra-va-vaganza (with sparkly black H&M purse for added sparkle)


17 Magnetic nail varnish (at the 17 cosmetics party (I won tickets via facebook)


I’ve had a really nice weekend, meeting lots of lovely girls in Southampton (and one mean Bella Italia waiter) for the South Bloggers meet, then a REALLY swift pot of tea with Ayden and her lovely friend Katrina before heading to London for bowling & nibbles and nail painting with 17 Cosmetic’s, and shopping and dinner with a friend.

I normally busy myself on Saturdays and hibernate on Sundays, but it was nice to get out and about and do something different this weekend, the bonus being I have Monday and Tuesday off work, almost like another weekend! I plan to watch HP when drops through the letter box, make a lot of Christmas cards and cakes & read a lot of books. I’ll also blog about this weekend, although I didn’t really take that many pictures!

For all of you with work/uni today, I hope it flies by today!

2 thoughts on “In which I paint my nails again

  1. Dusky Mauve drives me mad. Its all, come here and let me cover you in rich Grurple with this pinky shimmer, and once you’ve let it out of the bottle it cannot be arsed and just lies there in a dark non-colour sludge. Stand in the corner with your hands on your head Dusky Mauve

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