In which I meet some bloggers

Last Saturday I travelled on the train to Southampton to meet some lovely lady bloggers. Southampton was absolutely packed, but it was a really nice festive atmosphere (I reckon the German Christmas market helped!) After some frantic tweeting we met up outside the shopping centre, and then headed away from the the mass of people to Hepwrights, a lovely vintage clothes shop with the nicest owner, Catherine.



The shop has an amazing array of clothes, from furs to fancy frocks, with jewellery shoes hats & bags (and a trumpet!) and each item had obviously been lovingly chosen, with playing cards used as price tags! (and the prices were reasonable, often in Brighton things are priced so ridiculously its a wonder people buy them!) The dress above is truly lovely, though not too sure about the ferret stole! If I wasn’t on a strict no spending anything at all ban I reckon I would’ve bought a few dresses!


We popped next door to a lovely little coffee shop, with some amazing decor, the lamp on the left is decorative, and I think made from half a banister, and on the right is made of book pages. I personally don’t think I could rip a book up, even for decoration, but it was lovely! I had a hot and spicy hot chocolate, which was the thickest gloopiest thing  ever! I asked how it was made, and it had chocolate buttons melted in, with cinnamon and a tiny hint of chilli, it was amazing & I will be re creating it!


We strolled back towards the centre of town, had a look in a few shops and at the German market stalls and then headed to Bella Italia for dinner, where the man scolded us for not letting them know we were less than originally planned, then took the balloons off our table! Meany!


After dinner, pudding and a natter I headed home, but this mosaic in the train station of a ship was fairly impressive, but I bet most southamptonians shoot past without noticing it!

We chatted about all sorts of things, the strangest being escaping from prison…




I wore a checked dress from Zara (you cant tell, but it is!) with spotty tights & a lacy body underneath for extra warmth.

I’m hoping we can do another one in the summer next year… it’s a lovely way to get to meet new people. My weekend of meeting internetters IRL continued on Sunday but I’m going to get stuck in to housework & dinner now so that’ll have to wait

4 thoughts on “In which I meet some bloggers

  1. Even though I live in Southampton I have never come across Hepwrights!!?! Why is this!?!? It looks gorgeous! If you do a summer one I am definitely up for that! 😉 Slightly invited myself there but never mind. Haha..

    Glad you had a good time although you are VERY brave venturing into Southampton at this time of year! xx

  2. WAHHHHHH THIS makes me even further jealous I was ill :-(. Glad you had a good time tho! You look lovely as always! PS ive just noticed your background looks slightly dodge….xxxx

  3. i love your outfit, the lace body looks fab under the checked dress! The meetup looks like it was great fun, they look like a lovely group x

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