In which I post a week in pictures

Red Lips (I never wear lipstick so I look really different to normal) // Drunken antics // my pudding at a buffet Chinese restaurant
Krispy Kreme at work // personalised Bentley ‘a cognac’ parked IN A DISABLED SPACE (this really annoys me!!) // the boy wearing a bug mask.
Glad the week at work is over, although today hasn’t been a horrifically terrible week, work wise. (Blatantly jinxed it now for next week) and I met up with a friend I don’t see that much after work, before she had dinner plans. She treated herself to a pedicure and I got my nails did finally!! (they were about a week over when I should have been to get them filled… gross) I should do a post on my nails and addiction to nail varnish soon really!
I was planning on going to bed early with a book, then I nodded off on the sofa and woke up wide awake, then the boy got back from work so we decided to catch up on the V+ recordings.
This weekend I need to:
Tidy the living room
Clean the kitchen floor
Put away the last three clothe washes
This weekend I would like to:
Lounge on the sofa reading
Maybe go to the Cinema to see In Time
Decorate a new i phone case (think sparkly nail varnish and stickers!)
I’ll let you know how I get on! What are your weekend plans?

watching & listening to: Derren Brown

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