In which I get a Feel Unique box & an update

For a couple of months I’ve been seeing posts cropping up all over the place about subscription beauty boxes… glossybox/boudoire privee etc and in all honesty felt that I didn’t want to waste £10+ a month on a load of samples of things that I would probably not ever repurchase. Then when looking on the feel-unique website for a present for someone, I saw a link to their beauty box, which has free P&P. Obviously to this cheapskate that was the kicker! Although I think that it helped that I had used the website before and felt confident in their ability to deliver a good selection.  I have no need whatsoever for more skin/hair/beauty products at all, but you know… everyone loves getting post right?
Anyway, it arrived on Saturday, although it couldn’t have fit through the letter box so the man in the flat downstairs must have answered the door to the postman, which saves me a trip the collection office anyway!
Osis Dust-it – I already use the schwarzkopf hair powder (got2b powderful, I think?) So the Osis one will definitely get used… The Goldwell ultra volume treatment gel will also get used, although as to being re purchased we shall see. I have the finest hair in the world, although lots of it, it is limp about 6 hours after washing, and I can never understand how putting something in it isn’t going to weigh it down.

Xen tan – dark. I can’t apply fake tan to save my life, and to be honest I’m not shy of sunbeds either, but this is definitely the risk free option! If I ever try it I’ll let you know how it goes (unless anyone wants in which case let me know in a comment and I’ll bung it in the post to you!)

The Emma Hardie ‘amazing face’ cleansing balm and cloth – this smells expensive, you know when things just smell… expensive? I cant explain it. Anyway, it comes with a cloth and s fairly decent sized pot of gunky stuff. I generally my face with whatever is closest in the bath/shower, and take make up off with baby oil (cheap, cheerful and does the job WAY better than anything else!) but this will be a treat for my face.

The Prada perfume is a tiny little sample (obviously!) but its got lasting power! Its probably not anything I would have sniffed in boots by choice purely because the packaging looks like its designed for a 12 year old, but it is very likeable! The BellaPierre dazzle dust in white isn’t really anything that I would use, so I haven’t opened it to test it out, as it will either go to Give and Makeup (who are after underwear too), or in someone’s chrissy present!

Plus the box is actually a pretty sturdy black one, with a drawer that pulls out! The box will now become my stickers and crafty things storage box.
(Paperchase was doing 3 for 2 sticker sheets last week… I bought 9 and plan on decorating iphone cases with them)
stickers, sparkly things, feather skeletons & my current phone cover. (Yes I am a big girl. I like ponies, what can I say? the case is actually purple, not pink)
As when I develop thoughts on using the products, I’ll update you!
On a completely different topic… I am giving myself a proper pat on the back for getting blogging. I’ve (virtually) met a bunch of lovely new lovelies, and am loving posting as frequently as I have been! OOTDs posts (one & two) are actually fun to put together, and the boy is a willing photographer! Please feel free to talk to me on Twitter too.
I’m having a friend over for dinner tonight, then we’re off to see The Help at Brighton Marina, and we’re walking there so will also have a gander at any whizzbangs that we happen to see!

5 thoughts on “In which I get a Feel Unique box & an update

  1. I keep hearing such great things about the Feel Unique beauty box, I think it is probably the best one for me seen as the others are more money and I really hate paying for p&p! I hope you had a lovely dinner! xoxo

  2. I get so confused with these different beauty boxes but this one seems good, as you say, free P+P is always a bonus! Really cute idea for an iPhone case too 🙂
    I’m currently training the Mr to become my personal photographer and so far so good, he’s learning pretty fast haha.
    L x

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