In which I share random pictures from my trip

At the Zoo
frou frou wedding frocks
IMG_3029 IMG_3037    
The animation in the lift up to the top of a skyscraper, and a random (BIG) green man
Amazingly fun and entertaining train set in Frankfurt train station!
 IMG_3127  IMG_3137
The Guy in the red tights is talented to walk in heels that high, and be a man. Sam on a really long escalator
IMG_3390     IMG_3398     IMG_3399     IMG_3427
hot schokoladen! Emily with a wall, lizard door handle on a cathedral, posers in front of a nunnery
 IMG_3414       IMG_3431
Candles & a veryyyyyy long cargo train
IMG_3461      IMG_3463
A Night out in Heidelberg, the clubs were so smoky…
Drunk Germans on a tram at 4am
Stunningly pretty Heidelberg, that river is now ice! (proper post to come soon)
Street sellers selling hearts
    IMG_3507           IMG_3628   
Castle & Chocolate
IMG_3764        IMG_3781        IMG_3778
Snowy train tracks, a man hanging in the airport, emily being daft!
Potential wedding caterers… mwahaha
Gig Posters
Pretzel Face
awwww drunk.
SDC11280     SDC11281
awwwwww even drunker!!
This guy ruined our romantic self timer pictures and got blinded by our flash. serves him right!
errrrr even more drunk. Not even sure what I was doing, but it looks like skipping perhaps?
Also drunk…. his head fell off and I thought it should go back on

I have a few more Germany related posts coming up, and have realised I’ve not done an outfit post for over a week… I also have an idea for a ‘set’ post… thats not really the word i’m looking for, perhaps I mean series…? Anyway, it’ll be a week in pictures plus other bits, like ‘best of the internet’ with all the things I read that I feel like I should share… I just need to decide what day to post it on and try to stick to it!
Feeling: Sleepy after a long shift at work (writing this tuesday at midnight!) loving: all your comments on my engagement photos post, and I will reply to them asap! drinking: plain old tap water eating: guylian chocolates from Sam.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all your photos of Germany! I’ve always wanted to visit again and these pictures are making me want to visit even more! I love the giant green man and your pretzel face photo made me laugh! Heidelburg looks gorgeous, I can’t believe the river is all ice now! xx

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