In which I wear Aztec, and lose my mojo

SDC13966 SDC13967

Dress: Topshop maternity, Leggings: Newlook Maternity. Cardigan: ancient H&M. Crazy hair: uncontrollable.


You can’t really tell but they have a ‘pleather’ stripe down the side of the leg…

Only my 2nd outfit post since getting pregnant, but my wearable wardrobe has shrunk to about 10% of its previous pre-bump size & I’m living in PJs most of the time and struggle to find something nice to wear when I have to go out! I wore this to dinner a couple of nights ago with some work colleagues, and I’m well aware I’m late to the whole Aztec trend, but ce la vie! I refuse to spend a shedload of money on maternity clothes so am mainly getting things in the sale (this was £12) or from eBay.

Talking of eBay, I spent an hour on Sunday taking pictures of all the things that I either hadn’t worn in months pre bump, or that realistically I know I wont wear again when once I’ve had the baby. There was a whole lot more than I thought there would be, so this weekends task is to start loading them into eBay, then scheduling them to go live at a future date and hoping I get an email about free listings weekends so I can set them live then… fingers crossed!

I’ve been finding it hard to gather any sort of enthusiasm for blogging (and other things too) recently, for various reasons, but am hoping to drag myself out of the lull soon and get back into it, I’ve got lots of half drafted posts that I could finish off with little effort, I just can’t be faffed. I’ve also been less active on twitter too,which to be honest is quite refreshing, as often I’d find myself scrolling through hours of tweets and not contributing anything, which seems like a drastic waste of time that could be better spent.

I HAVE been reading a lot recently though (which is what I tend to fall back on when I am stressed/upset/need escapism) and am currently reading a book written by my second cousin Patrick about his experiences in prison. He was incarcerated wrongly with other members of my family (known as the Maguire Seven along with the Guildford four) as they were accused of making IRA bombs in their kitchen, but later pardoned when the Justice system finally realised there was no evidence and a grave mistake had been made (not till the 7 had spent a total of 47 years in prison, with one death inside, before they were proved innocent.)

I also read ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Lone Wolf’, the latter being by one of my favourite authors Jodi Picoult, all her books deal with a moral dilemma but fully explore both sides of the story, and all of her books are unputdownable.

Anyway, a bit of a random post, but hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things soon, posting wise! (I did blog about deciding on a birth plan on my other blog though)

Hope that everyone is happy/healthy and enjoying the weather being not quite as bitter as it was, it’ll soon be time for something other than 80 denier black tights, hurray!

5 thoughts on “In which I wear Aztec, and lose my mojo

  1. You are looking good lady! Crazy hair included (I’ve got a soft spot for uncontrollable hair, which is just as well with my mop!) Sorry to hear you’re a bit down in the dumps atm- I prescribe a bunch of spring flowers, fresh mani and a a laze in bed. Big love

  2. You look amazing Lauren! And I’ve told you before, and I’m telling you again, that I’d love to have your hair. At least they’re not boring and look amazing even when they’re misbehaving. I hope you’ll feel better soon, and your mojo to be back soon as well. Additionally to what Laura (above) prescribes, I’d suggest you take a long walk by the sea, and have your favourite dessert afterwards 😀
    Happy day dear!

  3. love the dress, you are looking fab hun! I read your birth plan post the other day and felt a bit giddy – rather you than me! x

  4. Woah that story about your family is nuts!!

    Love your dress 🙂

    Would love to read some Jodie picoult books- I’ve heard good things! Xxx

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