• Went for quite a lot of cake and tea with various people
  • Went to a blow drying master class at Trevor Sorbie
  • Met Rosie, Suzie & Lisa in person, all lovely!
  • Saw Die harder again (or whatever its called, it was crap) and This is 40 (better, but long!) at the cinema
  • Drove hundred of miles round the country and saw lots of family and friends
  • Got stressed with all the questions
  • Met Sophie in real life, finally! a ready made friend if we ever move to Norfolk!
  • Had a few too many ‘lazy days’ doing nothing
  • Read books, details here on goodreads
  • Was happy because Sam passed his driving test (first time, yay husband!)
  • Paid the balance payment for a week in Cornwall with friends (in April)
  • Went to the PlasticFantastic event at Porta
  • Sold all our DVDs to Music Magpie, not a lot of dosh but lots more free space!
  • Enjoyed watching My mad fat diary
  • Cringed at this ‘documentary’ on Brighton till I realised it was a mockumentary, thank god!
  • Did the 50 random facts tag
  • Loved the Penguin program with the cameras in the rocks etc… penguins are my FAV
  • Forgot to post about Prague (I went in January, should really get round to that!)
  • Went to the ZOO! (Will post pictures of that soon too!)
  • Got frustrated that none of my clothes fit due to ever expanding bump and had to buy more than I wanted to. Having to look smart a work is an ARSE
  • Put off ebaying my clothes, such a faff… maybe this weekend.
  • Lost out on 2 things I wanted on ebay due to the stupid app!
  • Found that walking places is taking me longer due to squished ribs/diaphragm.
  • Have expanded about 5 inches round the rib cage, bras are not comfortable at the moment! Roll on braless maternity leave.
  • Did facemasks and and ate pie with el husband on valentines day, romance isn’t dead, and I did take him to the Zoo on his bday a few days before!
How was YOUR February?

7 thoughts on “In February I…

  1. Oh wow, crazy how much your baba has grown in just two weeks! It’s bizarre, cos through following you on here pre-pregnancy and pre-marriage, I geniunely am so excited for you! Another lovely thing about blogging is definitely seeing the journeys people’s lives take 🙂

    – Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  2. Congrats on the bubba!! Sounds like a mad February xx

    ide love if you checked out my blog 🙂 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Busy month for you Lauren! Get it all out the way before the wee one arrives! Now i’m lucky if I put clothes on every day let alone go travelling around the country 😉

    I love seeing your bump photos although they do make me broody…

  4. Awwww I loved meeting you too! Must all meet again soon!

    I’ve been meaning to watch my mad fat diary, is it good? Xxx

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