In which I wear Pink

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Dress: F21. Shoes: Newlook. Jacket: err…?

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I literally think the top part of this dress is prettier than a really really pretty thing. I love that it goes all the way round too, and am potentially looking for something like this for my beautiful bridesmaids! But in Navy. I wore this about 6 weeks ago for a leaving do at a pub in town for when my friend Nick buggered off travelling for a year! NO idea why it has taken me this long to post but I literally think the dress is prettier than any dress I own. Other than my wedding dress, Obvz! I would like to say I have got a bit more of a tan since these were taken, but I honestly doubt it, pale and pasty legs for me!

I am (hopefully, if this schedules correctly!) on my way to TOWIB in London today, with breakfast with some hungry Henrietta’s first before we go and listen/interact with whatever is happening, and I have no idea quiet what is happening as I’m only going really to catch up with the likes of Kfed, Leanne & elooweez, and the other beauts that I’m meeting. I really hope I do not give you all a cold, I will bring my anti bac hand gel just in case!

This week has been full of broken nights sleep, I feel like a baby, waking up every couple of hours for 15 minutes or so, then I have been waking up at 5am with absolutely no chance of getting back to sleep. Its killing me, I am walking round zombie like and my area manager was in work yesterday (to take me and someone else out for a well done lunch) and sent me home to rest, which is a good thing really as the cold and mouth ulcers jointly mean I cant really taste food at the moment!

I think perhaps the wedding planning is stressing me out more than I thought, but I have a mini break/road trip planned next week for 4 days with my friend Jonathan (he’s more like a brother, i’ve know him for about ten years as he is the little brother of my first boyfriend) so that is very exciting, Bristol and Bath here we come! if you’ve been to/live in either place then please do leave me some ideas of what to do/visit/avoid!!

Anyway, if my sleeping is not back to normal after I get back from my break I will go moan at a doctor, because herbal sleeping pills do not work, but I would like to avoid chemicals if at all possible!

so, tips for bristol & bath, and how to get a good nights sleep…? your help is appreciated!

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  1. O lozzza!!! Im rather jealous of your little jaunt with Mr K, I do love Bristol so! Only two weeks til I go to BAATH!WOO! I think ive told you these before but I shall tell you again. YOU MUST go to “THe Apple” boat which sells the best cyder everr! You must also go to the graffiti and yarn bomb part of the city! Alsoooo further down the river there is a gorgeous church with a lovely park in front of it, go there! Basically just wander round, it really is delightful! Are you staying in the PI in Bristol? If so, go in the pub attached (thro a door downstairs) and also if you’re feeling money bags-ish, go to the fish restaurant opposite PI, it really is divine! xxxx

  2. Your dress is gorgeous! I wish I could offer some sleeping tips but sadly I’ve been the same as you this past week I just cannot sleep! Enjoy your little road trip! xx

  3. Such a delightful dress for a delightful lady. (that sounded a little bit chat-uppy, wasn’t intentional). My hubby claims a glass of red wine helps him sleep better. I suspect he’s lying to make me ok him drinking wine on a week night. Hope you had a great day at TOWIB x

  4. Gorgeous dress! As far as Bristol and Bath goes the Roman baths (in bath, of course) are amazing! The vintage and antique shops in general are worth a visit also! When it comes to Bristol, the areas around Bristol university have some good charity shops and quirky shops! The ‘haunted and hidden’ walking tours are brilliant and the banksy museum is worth a shot!

    Have a great time, hope this helps!

  5. Ohhhhh that dress is so so gorgeous, it really suits you 🙂

    The horlicks (the do a hot chocolate version, thats why i actually bought it haha) always helps me sleep, if you haven’t already tried it?
    I hope your sleeping pattern gets better soon, exciting trip ahead!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  6. Despite your broken sleeping pattern, it has NOT taken a toll on you looks-wise; you look so beautiful! Ah wait this was a while ago right … I’m sure you still look just as stunning. Especially with that super feminine lace/ super rough leather combo.

  7. I love that dress, the pattern is gorgeous!:) Was lovely meeting you yesterday, was a shame I didn’t get a chance to properly speak to you. Also a tip on the speaking, have a hot herbal smelling bath before bed, really relaxes you!! x

  8. hello there pink dress. you little pretty lady.

  9. I adore this dress! It looks lovely with the leather jacket, I’m sure it would look fantastic in navy too!

    Katharine from

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