In which I go to a Brighton Blogger Bash

On Saturday I headed down to the Super Super HQ to meet some Brighton based Bloggers, after meeting Skye for a juice first! The Bash was organised by Stephanie, who has a very clever knack of making an entire room of adults silent in an instant, but in a way that makes you do it without realising (she’s a teacher, so this skill is understandable I reckon!)
We got a chance to mingle/swap blog ‘business’ cards, and also discuss why we blog, when we blog, and the age old wordpress vs blogger debate, what makes us want to (and not want to!) blog. The room had an eclectic mixture of people in it, from people who blog for business, and sewing blogs, craft blogs and ‘lifestyle’ blogs (and we all agreed the term ‘lifestyle’ is a bit naff!)
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Stephanie has two blogs, one that is daily project: Ladies in Monochrome, and one that is more varied and covers all sorts of topics, but is impeccably well written. She spoke to us about what got her started, and some tips on search terms too! Then Claire, who is one half of the Super Super HQ team, (and used to have this blog) talked to us about how her blog grew, namely because she found a unique and individual idea, and ran with it! She also said working with other people/bloggers/companies is important, but that if YOU have a great idea, don’t let anyone steal it! IMG_1718 IMG_1717
I got to meet Fran (who has just gone freelance, go wish her luck!) Abbey (who is going to stop caring what people think 😉 ) & Natalie (who is genuinely lovely) Who are all people who I chat to on twitter frequently, which was nice, and have a large list of new local blogs to check out, and when I am not so full of cold and about to crawl under the duvet at 9pm I will be perusing them in depth and posting their links up! Obviously everyone was friendly, welcoming and chatty (bloggers always are, you know!)
Skye and I had a stroll round the North Laine afterwards, and ended up in Snoopers Paradise, and got these done:
It was absolutely great to meet her in person, and everyone else of course, and I’m already looking forward to the next one! If you are Brighton based you should also check out the list of activities going on at Super Super.
I seem to have come down with a stonker of a cold in the last few hours, which is annoying, so I am going to head to bed with a book and mug of lemon and ginger tea.
I also just wanted to say a huge mega big thank you to everyone who commented and tweeted when I posted this post. I am now feeling a bit chirpier about life in general, and had a friend over for tea tonight who helped me see things slightly differently so I think I am just going to TRY and tackle things one at a time, and then maybe I will be able to sleep through the night and stop waking up at random and ridiculous times of the night and not be able to get back to sleep, like the last 6 nights! Grrr……

9 thoughts on “In which I go to a Brighton Blogger Bash

  1. Sounds like a really awesome day! I’m itching to go to a blogger meetup somewhere in the South, and put some faces (actual faces rather than photo-faces, that is!) to some blogs! I hope your cold gets better soon, and that tackling stressful life things goes well for you! xx

  2. Aw I’d love to go to a blogger meet, they always sound like so much fun but unfortunately I’m in Scotland which seems to be miles away from any of the meets! Hope your cold gets better, I’m sure the weather isn’t helping at all! xx

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  4. This sounds like such a lovely event! I’m really hoping that another blogger meet up happens in Birmingham over the summer, term time I’m in Cornwall so we don’t gt much down here, but there are loads of lovely brummie bloggers! xx

  5. oh i wish i had known about this. i am recently new to the sussex area and it would have been great to meet a blogging base down here. shame. hopefully next time. xxx thanks for the link

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