Inspiration: Animal themed nursery

When I had a self imposed duvet day (well, in my case a fluffy blanket on the sofa day) last week I found myself day-dreaming on pinterest. I ended up browsing various nursery decor boards and one of the images I found was a 3d elephant for the wall, which took me to the children’s section of the Urbanara website. I fell in love with so many items on it and wanted to share the love! From gorgeous embroidered bedding to funky light shades, everything is unique and quirky and I need it all! I’ve picked a few of my favourite items out to share, ones I will be pointing people in the direction of when they start asking what Athena needs for her birthday!


Owls are a recurring theme in the nursery already, so when she grows out of sleeping bags and gets to sleep under a proper duvet then the owl bedding set would be perfect! You can get matching cushions too which would look great on the rocking chair.


Who wouldn’t want a friendly looking 3d Animal hung on their wall? My personal favourite is the Elephant, but there is a fox head too. They’re made of felt and are around 25cm tall, so you could actually have a little menagerie on your wall!


There are also a few different lampshades to choose from, this multi coloured abstract animal print is my favourite. Although the whale one would be great if you had an underwater themed nursery. It’s quite large at 55cm but comes with the ceiling pendant too.

What theme is your child’s nursery? Or what would it be, if you had one?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Animal themed nursery

  1. I love the elephant head! Emilia’s room doesn’t really have a theme, she has Cath Kidston wallpaper and a lot of animals at the moment. I’d love a circus theme although we’ll probably wait a few years to see if she likes that kind of thing…. I’ll just have to have a circus themed bedroom myself if not haha! x

  2. ive seen a few of these animal heads over the web and am desperate for one! Ive got my eye on the ikea animals but dont really want a theme as such-unless bright rainbow colours count?! xx

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