Interiors: 3 Ways to Update a Room on a Budget

You don’t have to completely redecorate your whole room to give it a fresh look, people who constantly redecorate their homes either have a lot more money or a lot more free time than me, and as I have neither of those things in abundance here are three easy things I do to refresh the look of a room when I start to get tired of the decor:


Replace the Cushions in the Living Room

This one is such a simple and relatively easy idea but by simply replacing the sofa cushions you can drastically change the look of your living room. You can pick out different colours in your living room already and accentuate them, perhaps choosing darker colours for autumn or winter. You can also get universal sized sofa covers to completely change the look of your sofas without the expense of a whole new one! I love geometric patterns on these, which would complement the metallic in my wallpaper patterns really well.


Change your window dressings

Give the impression of high ceilings by raising your curtain rails to well above the top of the window, then hang curtains that drape to the floor. Textured curtains or patterned voile can make a huge difference too. If you’re bored of curtains then blinds can really change the feel of the room too. Roman blinds can give a crisp but still slightly fancy look, and Venetian blinds go with many interior styles, and would stay fresh even when you next change the style of the room around.


Change the lighting

From something as easy as changing a lampshade to getting a bit more elaborate, changing the lighting in a room can really help to give a different vibe. If you have lightbulbs that change tone from warm to cool, or even different colours then you’re off to a great start. open bulbs with decorative filaments like the ones above can really bring an industrial feel to a room.

Desk lamps that have directional lights are great for highlighting different areas of the room, and you can add a cosy vibe with fairly lights around fireplaces, picture rails or windows, either stringing them up or piling them into a glass vase.










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