Interiors: Japandi style and how to achieve it

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Scandi-style interior design has been one of the most popular home trends in recent years. The minimalist approach with intertwined cosy elements has been a hit with homeowners across the world. However, Japandi is forecasted to be the home trend of 2021. 

So, what is Japandi design style?

Japandi combines the Japanese and Scandi styles together. Both cultural styles focus on simplicity, sustainability and comfort to create beautiful chic homes. Japandi draws on the functionality of Scandinavian design and the rustic quality of Japanese interiors. This creates homes that are bright and open spaces with clean lines and neutral colours. Does Japandi sound like your dream interior style? Here are a few ways to decorate your home in this style. 

Focus on natural materials

Both Japanese and Scandi interiors focus on using high-quality furniture that can withstand the test of time. Typically, reclaimed wood, bamboo items and other eco-friendly materials are encouraged in Japandi homes. Invest in bespoke designs that coincide with your home’s flow and utilise natural material at every opportunity. 

Bring greenery into your home to create a bridge between the inside and outdoor world. Japandi focuses on creating a tranquil atmosphere through plants and greenery. This also adds a pop of natural colour without turning to brightly coloured wallpaper or trend pieces. 

Clean lines and a simplistic design

Japandi design focuses on clean lines and muted colours throughout the home. Dark metals contrast with the neutral furniture tones to create a minimal and engaging space. White kitchens make a bold design statement while complimenting the natural materials. 

Vintage pieces can add personality and character to your home. Incorporate a few unsual items to add your stamp on Japandi. 

Big windows are a common feature in Japandi homes. Clean windows can frame the magnificent views from your property and open up your space to the outdoors. Windows can break up the array of neutral tones with bright natural landscapes. Besides, sunlight is a brilliant way to infuse your home with vitamin D and a calming atmosphere. 

Add cosiness

With all the bright light and neutral tones, it is easy for Japandi homes to become cold and clinical. It’s important to use texture to break up the cold, muted tones and introduce a homely feel. Use fluffy blankets, textured wall art, geometric designs and crocheted rugs to build dimension in your Japandi home. 

Every piece has a purpose. Minimalism is a significant part of the Japandi style. Reduce the clutter on your surfaces and in your drawers to create a sleek home. Or, if you like having a lot of possessions, go for faux minimalism. Invest in storage baskets and boxes with folding screens to hide excess stuff behind. Hide kids’ toys, suitcases and out-of-season clothes under your bed to keep them out of sight, out of mind.

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

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