Interior Inspiration: Lighting & Mirrors

When we eventually get the keys to our new place I will do a happy dance (or three! I’ll be that relieved!) but also will have that ‘what have we let ourselves in for’ feeling because the place needs a lot of work! In the meantime we’ve decided to make it as nice as possible whilst we live init for a few months before getting started on anything like fitting new rooms etc. We’ve been having a think about some quick ways to make a place feel lived in, and draw attention away from some of the areas we’re not so keen on. We both want to introduce a lot of light and make the place feel a bit more spacious too. After some online perusal, and some interiors magazine browsing we’ve decided mirrors and lights will be a big focus, along with a few feature walls.

With a bit of thought a well placed light (or strong of lights!) and a mirror can really improve the feel of a room, making it suddenly appear brighter, lighter and like it’s half the size again! Since my laptop died I’ve been using Sam’s tablet to browse through a few interiors sites and we’ve put together a little mood board for inspiration for when we FINALLY get in the place!

One of my favourite sights for unusual light fittings and fixtures is Lampcommerce, as they sell a few brands that I’ve never heard of before. We especially love the row of lampshades that is actually just one fitting, the muted metallic tones would be perfect over a rustic dining table (you can see my dining room inspiration in this post) and the inverted glass fitting would be perfect in our hall to illuminate the stairs too. Axo Light has definitely been bookmarked for future reference!

Wallpaper wise we’re probably only going to do the kids bedroom the playroom firstly as they will be the rooms we spend most of the time in during the day. The coloured pencil wallpaper is just ace (it’s by Muriva), I think it would be perfect playroom wallpaper, and no need for a colour theme as any colour would go with it! I also really like the black and white with floral accents, though Sam isn’t too keen on it, preferring the completely colour neutral black and white illustrations. Thinking about it, how fun would it be to colour in your own wallpaper? Like one big giant adult colouring book!

Strings of lights are another method we already to use to decorate our home, fairly lights aren’t just for Christmas! We have a string up round a mirror to brighten the place up all year round, but there are so many types out there that are more unusual, the bronze heart shaped ones would go well with the bronze toned lampshade too!

Feel free to leave me any suggestions for nice mirrors, and any particularly funky fairly lights you’ve seen out and about, I need to get adding things to my Pinterest Board!

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