Interiors: Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas

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No matter how big or small our home is, we always want to make the most of every inch of it and create a paradise which we can enjoy for ourselves when we come back from a day at the office. The bathroom is a part of the house which will always be one of luxury and comfort, and to create a spa like feel to the space, there are a lot of things you can do this weekend to vamp it up.

Bring in more mirrors

The first thing which can help make a bathroom feel more luxurious immediately is the illusion of more space. Mirrors are a huge part of the bathroom but you can always add more into the room to create reflections and make the room feel as if it is going on forever. You can mix things up with a large mirror on one wall and a mirrored cabinet on another, and you can even have a mirrored shower door if you want to which will add even more space and luxury to the room.

Use a freestanding bath

When you think of a bathroom the main feature which comes to mind is the bath itself. The bath can make a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom, and if you have a cheap plastic bath it will be noticeable and it makes the place look cheap. The best style to bring into the room are freestanding baths such as copper or stone with claw feet. They will immediately look so much more luxurious and it will add space to the room too. You can really have fun with your bath and invest in it because it is the most important part of the whole room.

Hide the pipes

Pipes and showers are never pretty to look at, and if you have toilet and sink pipes on show it can break the illusion of magic in the room and make it feel more functional and luxurious. Hide the pipes with integrated storage units and swap out your old plastic shower for an eye catching masterpiece from In2Fit Interiors. These changes can immediately improve the room and it will make the space feel much more comfortable.

Colour coordinate your towels

You might not think the towels matter too much in your bathroom but they actually have a huge affect on the space and the illusion of grandeur in your home. Make sure when you pick out towels that you choose all the same colour or two colours which work well together. For example dark blue can look great with yellow and pink can look amazing with white. Choose colours which compliment each other and have your towels on display, maybe on a contemporary design towel rail to showcase them- and keep them dry!

Bring in the candles

If you are looking to make your home feel a little bit more like a spa, you will want to bring in some small candles and a large scented one on the windowsill for those evenings when you enjoy a long, hot bath. Having candles in the room immediately brings a sense of homeliness and comfort and the scent will travel around the room and make it feel fresh at all times.


Add in some art

Artwork is something we all enjoy having around the house but often the bathroom is overlooked and kept plain. If you have a blank wall space which seems to be calling to you, add a peice or artwork such as a beach scene or a photo of your favourite animal. Keep the art in here calming and relaxing to really invoke that spa feel to the whole place.


Mosaic the wall

If you don’t want to hang art or you simply want to try something different entirely, you can have some fun this year adding some mosaic tiles to the bathroom and making it feel like an exotic paradise. There are so many different patterns you can but at the store and you can even make your own mosaic pattern with tiny tiles on the wall. It will be a fun project and it will make the room feel amazing.



For that final luxury touch which will all need in the bathroom, you can add in a plant or two to the space for a calming effect and some soft colour. Orchids in particular love the bathroom so this can be the perfect finishing touch to make the bathroom complete.

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