Interiors: Luxury Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

Merci_wallpaperWallpaper is a great way to bring some colour into your space. It can add statement and interest without going overboard.  If you really love colour then go for something bright to add some strength to your room. Mineheart’s Colour Block Panelling Wallpaper from The Longest Stay would be perfect for this.  It is tradition and contemporary combined, showcasing the beautiful panelled effect of the past with a bright splash of colour.  Its two tone display means that even those scared of a little brightness can feel safe with the addition of a grey palette.

Concrete Eight Wallpaper - Sarah MiltonTexture is very important in a scheme and you need to make sure you have a balance of textures to really bring a design together.  Wallpaper is a neat way of supplying this texture. Whether it is through a print of natural materials such as wood or marble or through something man made and usually 3D.  Merci have created a beautiful example of how a simple manmade object can become a beautiful, designer luxury wallpaper print.  For NLXL, Merci designed a paper that has the illusion of a typical tin ceiling, prevalent 100 years ago in Brooklyn, New York.  The stamped metal effect gives a wonderful feeling of texture and would add a contemporary, edgy depth to your space.

Following the latest trends in wallpaper means that you’ll always have an up-to-date place.  Wallpaper has become such an essential again, as well as being relatively easy to change, that people are using it more and more to reflect their changing styles or trends in their home.   With spring naturally comes nature and freshness.  It’s no surprise then that florals are back in some way.  This year they’ve had an exotic update and the traditional florals have some botanical flare.   Nicola Kingston has produced a chic example of this botany trend for Mockbee &Co.  Her design ‘East Intricacy’ has a fresh and vibrant feel to it, perfectly on trend for your home right now.

East Intricacy blue

Another prevailing trend is geometrics; they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The lovely sharp, clean lines make this trend very cool and contemporary.  A lovely example is the Concrete wallpaper from Sarah Milton, which has been completely constructed just using the number 8.  Milton used origami folds to create this wonderful example of contemporary geometric using a truly unique starting point.  Think of Scandinavian interiors and minimalist space when considering a geometric print for your walls to encompass interest in a purposely-neutral space.

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