Interiors: Thrifty ways to update your Decor

Revamping your home’s interior might seem like hard work. Hour after hour spent with a paint roller in your hand might not be your idea of heaven, but updating the look of the living room, bedroom and bathroom isn’t as taxing as you think! Another myth about decorating is that it can be expensive. Forking out hundreds of pounds on wooden flooring will make your home look amazing, but it isn’t the cheapest way to make a quick change. For as little as £100, you could give your whole home an update, without some of the backbreaking labour normally associated with home improvement.

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Throws Change Everything

If you have a tired-looking sofa, armchair or table, adding a splash of colour is as simple as buying a throw. For as little as £5, you could buy one and fling it over your sofa, providing extra comfort as well as something to brighten your living room up. They can turn a drab lounge into an inviting, colourful place to spend time with the family.

Coloured Lights

As we head into autumn, the nights get longer and darker. To counter this, a coloured light bulb could help to brighten the mood and warm your cockles. One of these will cost you no more than a few quid and, in shades such as light blue and lilac, can help to create a calm, soothing place to sleep.

Natural Light

Talking of light, curtains are seen as a mainstay of home decor but there are simpler alternatives. Voiles from Direct Blinds are great for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom windows and, in the right colour, can brighten or soften up the image of any room. They are also low-maintenance too, as they can be cleaned using nothing more than a damp sponge or cloth.

Colourful Rugs

The floor of your room can be jazzed up no end without having to spend an age installing floor panels or laying carpet. One way around doing this that will save you hundreds of pounds is to buy a rug instead. If you shop around, you could find one for under £20 and it would act as a comfortable place for the family to sit down and watch the telly!

On the Shelf

Creating extra storage space will revamp your home and doesn’t take too much work. Building a floating wall shelf or two will save on buying a bookcase or cabinet, whilst taking up less floor space. All you need is a plank of wood, a couple of wall brackets, some screws and a screwdriver.


Any other thrifty ways to update your home decor when you fancy a change?

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