Introducing Babymoov!


I am so excited to announce that for 2015 I will be working with Babymoov as an ambassador! My first ambassadorship, and with an amazing company with brilliantly innovative and useful products to help make life with a baby as easy as possible. They create and develop products that fit into a range of categories, from safety, to comfort to playing and everything in between!


Not only that but they offer a LIFETIME warranty on anything purchased directly from them, which is amazing. Not many companies offer a lifetime warranty but because Babymoov does it shows that not only do they have complete faith and trust in what they produce but that if something were to go wrong you wouldn’t be without it for long and there would be no fuss or quibble to get it sorted either!


Babymoov products have won a heap of awards too, and I can’t wait to show you some of the items that we’ll be trialling and reviewing this year. It always amazes me how fast the ‘things for baby’ market changes and develops, in the just under two years since I first became a mama things have already moved on leaps and bounds! Between them, the three founders have 9 children so they definitely know what parents rely on for an easy and safe environment to nurture their children in, and you can read more of their story here.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Babymoov!

  1. How exciting!

    We love Babymoov and have got a couple of items by them including our changing bag. I love how much thought they put into their products as well as their designs. Our baby bag, for example, is not only gender neutral for baby, but gender neutral for us! It has so many compartments that I’m still finding them now!

    Looking forward to reading further on the products you review, you lucky lucky person!

  2. Oh well done! What a lovely opportunity! I like the sound of babymoov, and that little playtent looks great fun!

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