Babywearing: A Rockin’ Baby ring sling

Although we will eventually get a buggy that will hold both children at some point (when we have decided which one we want, and we’re running out of time!) I am really hoping to do a lot more babywearing earlier with this new arrival. That way I can take Athena out with our normal single pushchair and not have too much to faff around with. The newest addition to my sling-stash is this absolutely gorgeous ring sling from Rockin’ baby.

Check out the gorgeous Liberty-esque print! There are lots of unusual and eye catching prints to choose from, as well as a range of block colours if prints aren’t your thing! I’ve never used a ring sling before, so tried it out with Athena a couple of weeks ago and although she weighs around two stone it was more comfortable than I had expected, but I don’t think we’d manage any longer periods of time with it at the moment (more because of my bump than her weight though!)

However when the new baby arrives I envisage me using it a lot with him to help get things done around the house and for trips out too, such as the nursery run now Athena is old enough to walk it too! I really wish I had had it with us when we were trekking round Ikea last week, as Athena didn’t want to sit in the trolley and just wanted cuddles (teething and over tiredness) and carrying her around with a big bump was a bit of a mission!

 As you can see the sling is both reversible (so ‘dad friendly’ too) as well as having several different carrying positions, there is a handy zipped pocket too for popping your phone/keys etc in for quick trips. There is also a range of pouches available too, although I wanted something that would see us right through to toddlerdom so opted for the ring sling.

Rockin’ Baby also match every sling sold with a new sling for a mother in need of one as part of their Mother to Mother mission, currently helping mothers in Haiti and Kenya, so buy buying a sling you’ll be helping out another mother somewhere in the world, amazing!

Edit: Arlo is much happier in the ring sling than his sister, and it’s perfect for getting dinner done with him held tight (and often feeding too!) whilst I prep and serve Athena dinner! I’ve added a couple of photos to this post of him in it!

I was kindly provided with a sling for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh I love the print! Carriers with pockets are worth their weight in gold. I look forward to checking back and seeing you wearing your new squish!

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