Is Vinyl Flooring Good for Extensions?

Today a conservatory space is used for many different kinds of activities from a child’s playroom to added office space that is required for home working. It’s a great space to provide more for an influx of daily activities, especially if home working or home schooling is always on the radar moving forward.

As conservatories now see a change out of necessity, it also begs the question of what is the ideal type of flooring for a conservatory space to provide comfort and practicality. The ideal solution is luxury vinyl flooring.


When looking at your conservatory there are a few things you have to take into consideration – temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.

Each of these areas can take a toll on the installations and furniture you put into this space, with common issues providing more than their fair share of damage over time. Your flooring choice can suffer just as much with discolouration, warping and delamination being the most common problems. 

Then there is if your conservatory opens to a garden, your floor will no doubt suffer from mud, dirt and debris being stamped in by children and pets. Most flooring will only stand a few months of this abuse before starting to show its faults for all to see.


With these issues at the forefront of consideration, you rely on a floor that is highly resilient, durable, and protected to an increased level.

Karndean Click vinyl flooring, also known as LVT, provides a host of built-in protective safeguards to cope not just with temperature change, but also moisture and all kinds of wear and tear threats. Whilst each vinyl flooring brand is manufactured with these protective measures in mind, Karndean provides an increase in ease of cleaning and maintenance to ensure a long-lasting product.

In extensions such as a conservatory, the heat and temperature are typical in their fluctuations with the unpredictable English weather. Vinyl is specially manufactured to deal with such instances without any of the planks or tiles rising or becoming dislodged.

Naturally, this makes a perfect solution for kids playing in the room so that no damage could potentially be done.


Ranges to Perfectly Replicate

Whether you want wood, stone, slate or ceramic for your conservatory, Karndean has both you and your floor covered. There is something for every style through bespoke collections suited to a stylish look for your conservatory floor – and at a fraction of the price of the real thing. 


When wanting a unique space created for that extra room on your home, luxury vinyl flooring has all the properties you need to use to its maximum potential.

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